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Volvo Hydraulic Oil 98611 HO103

A smooth operation

Introducing the newest addition to the Volvo hydraulic oil family - Volvo Hydraulic Oil 98611 HO103 (HO103).
Approved and compatible with all Volvo machines across all markets, HO103 provides an extended drain interval from 2,000 hours to 3,000 hours in crawler excavators.

Loaded with benefits

Perform better for longer
For crawler excavators, HO103 provides a 50% longer oil service interval, saving you both time and money, combined with positive environmental benefits.

Engineered for efficiency
Delivering consistent performance, HO103 is engineered to resist degradation, and will retain like-new properties over the full-service interval.

Optimal machine performance
HO103 helps your machine to perform to its full potential:

  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Keeps components clean by preventing the buildup of sludge
  • Prolongs component life
  • Contributes to lower fuel consumption

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