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Great individually – superior together

On their own, the EC950E and A60H, Volvo’s biggest-ever excavator and biggest-ever hauler respectively, can be expected to deliver world-class productivity. In combination with each other, they are simply unbeatable.

The EC950E is Volvo’s new flagship crawler excavator and it has already proven to be extremely competitive in its 90-ton weight class.

Similarly, Volvo´s new 60-ton and range-topping A60H, the world´s largest articulated hauler, sets new productivity standards for quarries, opencast mines and large earth-moving operations.

While both machines offer state-of-the-art performance individually, it’s when matched together that customers can experience the unprecedented productivity and ownership advantages these units offer.

“The EC950E and the A60H are the ideal pairing for mining or other large projects such as infrastructure, irrigation or major earthworks. Together they can move more material faster and more efficiently than any other combination of Volvo machines,” says A.M. Muralidharan, Vice President of Dealer Development & Sales Support for APAC for Volvo CE.

The EC950E will move around 35% more material than the EC750D which was previously the largest machine in Volvo´s excavator range. For the A60H hauler, it will move 40% more material than the Volvo A40G.

“By using these highly-productive machines our customers can get more done with fewer machines, allowing them to optimize their fleet sizes,” notes Muralidharan. “This delivers better operating efficiency, particularly in mine management or in equipment allocation on large projects. Having larger machines also means fewer operators and less maintenance, delivering further resource optimization.”

Durable and powerful

With a bucket breakout force of 424 kN and an arm tearout force of 408 kN, the EC950E offers superior digging force, particularly when working with hard and heavy materials.

Powered by a 446 kW (606 hp) Volvo D16 engine, the machine utilizes advanced technology built on decades of experience to ensure highly-productive operations. Cycle times are cut to a minimum thanks to the power and torque of the engine combined with the new fully electro-hydraulic system.

The EC950E features a wide track gauge, long track length, a retractable undercarriage and optimized counterweight, resulting in a well-balanced, solid machine. All machine interfaces — including joysticks, keypad and LCD monitor — are ergonomically positioned and designed for optimum control and efficiency. For increased versatility, the attachment management system enables the use of various attachments, allowing the operator to pre-set hydraulic flow and pressure through the in-cab monitor.

The heavy-duty design of the EC950E ensures the job is done quickly and without delay. Built with protected components, including a heavy-duty boom and arm, a strong frame, and a heavy-duty plate, the machine can be relied on for longevity and sustained uptime in demanding applications.

Largest hauler – move more for less

The ground-breaking A60H features the latest innovations from Volvo. With matched drivetrain, automatic 6x4 or 6x6 drive combinations (including 100% differential locks), all-terrain bogie, hydro-mechanical steering and active suspension, this machine is unbeatable. Fitted with an active hydraulic front suspension for higher hauling speeds in tough conditions, the A60H optimizes operator comfort and stability during travel, allowing more material to be moved in a shorter time for unmatched productivity.

The A60H is powered by a 16-litre Volvo engine, delivering not only 495 kW of power and 3,200 Nm of torque, but also excellent fuel efficiency. It also embodies the full articulated hauler concept, providing total versatility so customers can access the entire jobsite and climb steeper gradients. Customers can work in all seasons, terrains and applications, while a choice of machine configurations and tires means the machine can be tailored to suit the application.

A number of safety features such as superior visibility and efficient lighting help keep the operator and people around the machine safe – no matter how demanding the environment. The A60H’s dump support system, Hill Assist and load and dump brake, further help the operator stay in control, delivering extra productivity and safety.

Perfect combination offers best return

“Companies can be sure they’re getting the best ‘cost per hour’ or ‘cost per tonne’ when using the EC950E and A60H,” notes A.M. Muralidharan. “In addition, because we manufacture our own engines, drivetrains, drop boxes, etc., customers know that performance is perfectly matched across the machine – and between ranges.”

Backed by its experienced and skilled network of dealers, Volvo CE offers some of the best customer support programs in the business, including customizable packages. For those wanting the very highest levels of aftermarket service, there is the Gold Customer Support Agreement, which delivers best-in-class parts, repairs, inspections, maintenance and more. This ensures that critical project sites, such as mines or large infrastructure jobs, stay on schedule.

“Investing in the EC950E and A60H means you can achieve higher productivity using fewer machines and less manpower,” concludes Muralidharan. “And with our Gold Customer Service Agreement, customers can be assured of highest possible levels of return on investment.”

Key specifications A60H articulated hauler:

A60H Volvo

Engine specs


Max power at



SAEJ1995 Gross



Flywheel power at



ISO 9249, SAEJ1349 Net



Max torque at



SAE J1995 Gross



ISO 9249, SAEJ1349 Net






Key Specifications EC950E excavator:

* Based on machine configuration: 7.25m boom, 2.95m arm, 16 100kg CWT

EC950E T2/T3

Specification and Unit


Volvo D16E

… Rated output at

1 800 r/min

… ISO 9249/SAE J1349 net

446 kW

Breakout force (Normal/Boost) SAE J1179


Bucket capacity

3.9-5.6 m3

Max digging reach

12.270 m

Max digging depth

7.120 m

Lifting capacity along undercarriage

37460 kg

... at reach / height

6.0/1.5 m

Operating weight

89 960-91840 kg