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Volvo excavator is magnet for Australian recycler

Bulk Metal Recyclers has added its first Volvo excavator, and fitted it with a hydraulically-powered magnet to help with operations at its Western Australian facility.

The EC300D delivered in May of this year to Bulk Metals Recyclers is the 17th excavator the company has purchased during its history, but its first from Volvo.

Mechanic recommendation

The quality and reliability that comes with the Volvo name is well-known to the company, so after a recommendation from one of its mechanics, Bulk Metals Recyclers took the decision to purchase its first unit and, so far, it has proved to be a sound investment.

The modified EC300D is used for several tasks at the company’s facility, including: unloading truckloads of scrap metal that arrive on site; clearing metal fragments that are produced during cutting operations; and transferring scrap metal from the stockpile to shipping containers.

Magnet rather than chains

The magnet is fitted directly to the excavator’s arm, rather than hung with chains, and this gives greater control and reliability.

“The EC300D is a very good machine,” said John Roman, managing director of Bulk Metal Recyclers. “Its configuration with the magnet has fewer moving parts than set-ups with traditional chains and hammerlocks. And it offers very smooth and direct operations.”

Connect to generator

The Volvo EC300D is a versatile machine, and another reason for its popularity with Bulk Metals Recyclers is its ability to connect simply and swiftly with the company’s on-site hydraulic generator.

The machine has an operating weight of 27,700 kg to 33,100 kg, depending on set-up and is powered by a 170 kW-rated D7 engine. Its boom and arm have been reinforced in critical areas to equally distribute mechanical stresses and handle its increased working power. It offers improved controllability through its smart hydraulic system, which delivers smoother and easier movement when travelling and lifting simultaneously.

5% fuel efficiency improvement

Volvo’s renowned fuel efficiency is a further benefit for the EC300D. The machine includes Volvo’s ECO mode which delivers up to a 5% improvement in the machine’s total fuel efficiency – without any loss of performance in most operating conditions. It also features a stop-start engine function to reduce fuel consumption after the machine is inactive for a preset period of time.

Growing recycling market

While Bulk Metal Recyclers has seen some decline in business in recent years with on going pressure on commodity prices, the global metal recycling market is predicted to grow from $270 billion in 2015 to over $400 billion by 2020, according to Markets and Markets. With this increased activity, the new Volvo EC300D can expect to be kept busy for several years to come.

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