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Uptime Services

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Uptime Services

A machine that’s not available for work causes inconvenience, disruption, unexpected costs and can harm your profitability. Production quotas still must be met, and operators’ wages still need paying. Uptime Services can help reduce the risk of unplanned downtime and repair costs. 

Proactive Monitoring gives you the peace of mind that Volvo is watching over your machine.

ActiveCare combines 24/7 machine monitoring and fleet utilization reports to help ensure your machines stay in optimum condition.

The maintenance schedule can be tailor-made to suit the application you are working in, with minimal disruption to your operations.

Focus on your business and customers with complete peace of mind.

The Repair offer guarantees an agreed price for all covered repairs, allowing you to budget carefully and avoid unexpected expense.

Oil Analysis provides a unique insight into the health of your machine, helping to avoid expensive repairs and unexpected downtime.

Regular, planned Care Inspection gives you the knowledge you need to ensure that your machine is always in top shape.

A poorly maintained undercarriage affects machine safety, reduces productivity, and can damage other vital components.

Boost Uptime by virtually bringing expertise into the field.

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