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Indo Muro Kencana connects 59 machines to ActiveCare

Through proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance, ActiveCare will support the Indonesian gold miner to achieve greater uptime and, therefore, greater productivity and profitability from its fleet of haulers and excavators.

IMK celebrates the addition of several new A40G haulers to its fleet.

Indo Muro Kencana (IMK) now has Indonesia’s the largest fleet of machines connected to ActiveCare, including 52 A40G articulated haulers and seven crawler excavators (five EC480DL and two EC750DL models).

Overview of an IMK gold mine in Central Kalimantan IndonesiaOverview of an IMK gold mine in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.

The gold exploration and mining company, based in Central Kalimantan, recently took the decision to connect its machines to the new proactive monitoring service in a bid to boost machine availability and production. Although still early days, IMK anticipates that ActiveCare will increase machine availability to 92% and productivity by 32% as a result.

"Our machines work long hours to meet production targets and we cannot afford to lose production due to unscheduled downtime. ActiveCare will take us from reactive maintenance and repair behaviours to being proactive about the uptime of our fleet,” said Mr. Julianto, maintenance superintendent at IMK.

Maintenance manager Mr. Karsono added: “We are also excited to see how we can use the ActiveCare reports to improve operator behaviour, reduce fuel consumption and improve productivity. For example, we can improve productivity and lower costs just by knowing the idling status of the fleet and setting targets to reduce it.”

Volvo machines working at the IMK gold mine in Central Kalimantan, IndonesiaVolvo machines working at the IMK gold mine in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Preventing breakdowns before they happen

Using Volvo CareTrack telematics data, staff at the Volvo Uptime Center in Singapore will remotely monitor the performance of IMK’s machines as well as any error codes or alarms that appear. If there is a severe error that might lead to breakdown, the Uptime Center will create a case and contact the local dealer Indotruck Utama to suggest an action to replay to IMK.

This takes the hassle out of fleet management and IMK can rest assured that any potential problems will be noticed and addressed before they lead to costly unplanned downtime. With ActiveCare, their machines will always be ready to work when needed.


Marta Benitez

Head of Brand & Corporate Communication
Region Asia & Region China
Volvo Construction Equipment


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