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Operator coaching

Enhanced operator performance

Operator coaching

Understand when and how to use the many smart functions of your Volvo Wheel Loader to achieve optimum results on site. You can also set targets in order to continually improve your technique, helping to get the most out of yourself and the machine you are working with.

Unlock the potential

Make better decisions behind the controls thanks to instant feedback on operating behavior, combined with real-time on-screen guidance. With information available at the blink-of-an-eye, operators can ensure they are working in a way which delivers optimum productivity and fuel efficiency, as well as reduced machine wear.​

You might think after 30 years doing this job that there was nothing I could be taught, but even I have changed the way I work. I now think about how I can get more out of the machine and be more profitable in the long run.

Volvo Wheel Loader operator from Sweden

Operator coaching advanced – New

Featuring a host of new functions, Operator Coaching Advanced builds on the proven Operator Coaching Start app.



Key information relating to machine utilization (operating time, fuel consumption, distance traveled) is clearly displayed on the Volvo Co-Pilot, and can be reset separately from the machine display.

Operating behavior

Keep track of key indicators including idling time, brake and throttle use, and lock-up engagement.


Monitor tonnes moved per liter, tonnes moved per hour and fuel consumed per hour. Information is displayed as a total for the entire work shift and for the active work, and can be broken down according to short cycles or load and carry cycles.


Displays an overview of the time spent, productivity achieved, and fuel consumed during different tasks. For example, the amount of fuel consumed by travel and the percentage of time spent idling.

Score and trend

Real-time score and graphical visualization of operator performance across previous shifts.​


Operators receive real-time guidance on how to best operate the machine, such as ‘Activate Boom Suspension System’ and ‘Activate lock-up’.

Operator feedback

Operators receive interactive feedback based on ‘What to improve’ and what to keep. Feedback is viewed by tapping on a feedback point, which brings up information on improvement areas and a QR code link to the relevant instructional video. At the start of each shift operators are greeted with a performance summary from the previous shift.

Interactive guidance

Navigate the different in-cab switches, controls and functions – such as Lock-up and Boom Suspension System – and access guidance on how to use them.

“I think it’s a great tool. A new operator might not know where all the controls are for example, but just push a button and all the information you need on machine functions appears on screen.”
Volvo Wheel Loader operator from Sweden

I think it’s fantastic, I probably check my score on the app 10 times a day! I want to see how I can improve and it has almost become a daily competition to get the best out of the machine and get the best score possible!

Volvo Wheel Loader operator from Denmark

Specifications for operator coaching

  Start Advanced*
Machine availability L60H, L70H, L90H, L110H, L120H, L150H, L180H, L220H, L260H, L350H L60H, L70H, L90H, L110H, L120H, L150H, L180H, L220H, L260H, L350H
Operator score x x
Notifications x x
Interactive guide x x
Historical graphs x x
Previous shift summary   x
On-Board Weighing data integration   x
Productivity   x
Utilization   x
Operator tips   x
Tips library   x
Unit of measure Meters, litres, yards and gallons
Rear-view camera, Radar detect system** YES - when reversing only
Data/results Linked to individual operator profiles only. Maximum 40 profiles allowed
Data transferred via Cloud service N/A
Data transferred via USB N/A
Data transferred via CareTrack N/A
Printer / Connectivity N/A
Screen views 2 views: Main view (including historical graph), Interactive guide 5 views: Main view (including historical graph), Interactive guide + Productivity view (including historical graph), Utilization view, Operator tips view (including tips library)
Which constitute overall score
4 Key Performance Indicators: Idling, brake, throttle, lock-up** 8 Key Performance Indicators: Idling, brake, throttle, lock-up*** + fuel efficiency, fuel consumption, productivity, utilization
Machine data Consumption, Operating time, Distance, Average Consumption Consumption, Operating time, Distance, Average Consumption + Total load
Historical data Operating score graph
Up to 8 hours or 21 days
Operating score graph + productivity score graph
Up to 8 hours or 21 days
Workshift resets Manually performed through the menu OR after operator profile has been logged out for more than 4,5 hours
Interactive guide Information on the switches located on the A-pillar Dynamic tips based on operator behaviour and a tips library
Notifications Live status of automatic functions, plus basic suggestions for more efficient driving. Live operator feedback
*On-Board Weighing hardware and software are needed to enable Operator Coaching Advanced
**Optional equipment
***The Lock-up dial disappears if the transmission lock-up option is not detected
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