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Tire pressure monitoring system

Proactive tire management

Tire pressure monitoring system

With real-time information on tire pressure and temperature, operators can ensure that tires are operating within the correct parameters. If not, operators receive an alert and visual display of which tire needs attention.

Easier tire monitoring, lower total cost of ownership

The integrated system saves time during machine inspections while also helping to secure the highest levels of tire life, machine performance, fuel efficiency and operator comfort.

What you get

Durable system

The system consists of a transceiver and six tire valve sensors. The well-protected components are built to the highest standards and designed to take on the toughest environments.

Monitored information

The system tracks three criteria: low pressure, high pressure and high temperature.

Set your limits

Each tire is monitored independently and pressure limits can easily be changed. Alarm limits are displayed as nominal values and percentages.

All at a glance

Easily keep track of the Tire Pressure Monitoring System and On-Board Weighing, both displayed on a single screen.

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