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volvo hydraulic hoses
Volvo Hydraulic Hoses

Stay genuine

The full performance of your machine depends on the hydraulics, which is why when it comes to getting the most from your Volvo, only the very best will do. You can count on Volvo Hydraulic Hoses to deliver long term performance, reliability and durability. Based on years of research and testing, and made from the highest quality materials, our hoses are designed by Volvo for Volvo to ensure a precise fit and optimum performance. Anything else is simply not good enough for a Volvo machine.

Volvo Hydraulic Hoses

Genuine Volvo quality

All our hoses are made from Genuine Volvo Parts, engineered for Volvo machines and Volvo hydraulic systems. Volvo Hoses are subjected to the highest standards of testing and to secure long term leak-free performance almost all hoses are skived. The result is that hoses are not only doing the job but also contributing to maximum uptime and availability in hash operating conditions, while helping to reduce service and maintenance costs.

Every part of the hydraulic system is engineered to perform together. The hydraulic hoses are therefore engineered and tested to work in combination with all other components in the hydraulic system. When calibrating the hydraulic hose for the various functions, the following properties are taken into account:

  • Bend radius.
  • Flexing capacities.
  • Working pressure and pressure peaks.
  • Flow and speed.
  • Vibrations.
  • Temperatures.
  • Environment.
  • Wear.

Volvo Hose Service

The right hose, right away
When a hydraulic hose needs replacing, you need a quick and reliable solution to get your machine back to work as soon as possible – and Volvo Hose Service makes it easy. Volvo Hose Service is our fast and convenient solution whereby hoses are assembled directly in the workshop by Volvo trained and certified technicians, using professional equipment.

Simply put, only Volvo Hose Service offers the quality and availability your machine depends on.

Trust the experts

The Volvo Hose Service is only performed by dealers operating in specially certificated workshops. Part of this certification means that all personnel who assemble hoses have gone through advanced Volvo training and qualifications.

There is also no need for you to take measurements or remove and bring in your old leaking hose. Only Volvo has instant access to the exact specification of your hoses, meaning your Volvo dealer knows exactly what is required for the hose you need.

Keep it clean

Contamination in your hydraulic system can damage valves, pumps and other components. That’s why every Volvo hose is subjected to an advanced cleaning process and caps are used to prevent contamination during transport. What’s more, with Volvo Hose Service you get a secured cleaning process using best-in-class cleaning projectiles.

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