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1,000 h Engine service interval​

Take your uptime to 1,000 hours

1,000-hour Engine Service Interval​

As part of our commitment to develop the highest quality machines and components which deliver long-lasting performance, Volvo offer a complete 1,000-hour engine service package. The result is less maintenance requirements and less maintenance cost, meaning your machines stay out on the jobsite and working their best – for longer.

Increase uptime​

Keep your machine working longer with less interruptions

Save time and money and benefit the environment

Consume 50% less oil and filters

Extensively tested

No compromise on machine performance or component longevity

The components that make up this officer:​
  • Volvo Engine Oil VDS 4.5
  • Volvo High Performance Filters
    • Engine oil filter
    • Fuel prefilter
    • Fuel main filter
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