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Select from a range of original Volvo buckets made to work in harmony with your Volvo excavator. Buckets are available as direct fit or with Volvo quick coupler interfaces.

volvo attachment excavator bucke

General purpose bucket - Universal cut

The  General Purpose  bucket is the ideal choice for digging and re-handling soft to medium materials such as dirt, loam,  sand and loose clay soils with low wear characteristics and limited rock content.​ Equipped with side and bottom wear protection and general purpose tooth system (GPE). Optional side cutters are also available.

Available for: EW205D, EW145B Prime

volvo attachment excavator bucke

Heavy duty bucket - Universal cut

The Heavy Duty bucket achieves optimum results when digging dense and abrasive materials such as hard ground, gravel and rock. Equipped with extended side and bottom wear protection and high abrasion tooth system (ARXE). Optional side shrouds and segments are also available.

Available for: EW205D, EW145B Prime

volvo fixed ditching bucket

Fixed Ditching bucket

Designed for ditch maintenance, landscaping and slope shaping, the Fixed Ditching bucket is optimized for filling, soft material digging and moving material around. Ideal for backfilling, ditch digging and handling material. Equipped with bolt-on edge.

Available for: EW205D

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