Sorting grapple

The sorting grapple has relatively long and straight tines that can slide along the ground so the grapple can be easily filled when loading from stacks and sorting bunkers. This grapple can also be used for unloading.

Available for: L220H, L180H, L150H, L120F, L110F, L90F


Unloading grapple

The unloading grapple has short, rounded tines, making it easier to fill the grapple when unloading a vehicle.

Available for: L220H, L180H, L150H, L120F, L110F, L90F, L70F, L60F

volvo attachment wheel loader gr

High lift grapple - Standard

The Volvo high lift grapples allow productive adaptation to the wide variety of work methods that are used on different markets. The log grapples are available with hydraulic clamping arms or clinch chain (double triplex chains). The grapples are equipped with reversible and replaceable wear plates on the points.

Available for: L180HHL

High lift grapple - Unloading against a wall

Grapples adapted for unloading against a wall are designed so that the grapple arms can follow a vertical wall and pick up logs, even at the edges. This grapple can be used when unloading transports carrying short wood loaded across the vehicle and when unloading railway boxcars.

Available for: L180HHL

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Log pusher

The log pusher helps to increase the stack height with up to 30% (1-1,5 m). The possibility to store more timber at the log pond and closer to the log intake increases the productivity and the operation efficiency.

Available for: L180HHL

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