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Volvo ECR25 Electric

Volvo ECR25 Electric

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Volvo L25 Electric

Volvo L25 Electric

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Electromobility by Volvo CE

Charge up to 80% in as little as 1–1,5 hours


Charge up to 80% in as little as 1–1,5 hours

Zero exhaust emissions from use


Zero exhaust emissions from use

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A Volvo L25 Electric and a Volvo ECR25 Electric on an empty city street with the sun setting behind on the horizon.

Adding business by adding silence

We live in a fragile world and it's time to help it along. Not just talk and make a lot of noise. It's time to change the way things are done. We are committed to build the world we want to live in. A world where progress is made in a sustainable, efficient and peaceful way. Because we know that being sustainable equals being successful – what's good for people, society and the world is ultimately good for your business. To that end we are launching a range of electric construction machines. Outstanding performance delivered with fewer vibrations, no exhaust fumes and less noise. The time has come to Add Silence.

In an old city street at night, a Volvo L25 Electric is driven through an archway.

Add silence

You won't have the familiar engine noise to compete with when you operate our electric construction machines. Say goodbye to headaches and hello to your fellow workers while you enjoy a quiet day at work.

A Volvo ECR25 Electric parked in an immaculately clean kitchen whilst fresh salmon is being prepared in the foreground.

Add clean

A world without harmful emissions is a better world for all of us. With our electric construction machines there are no more exhaust fumes to deal with, so you can work almost anywhere – even indoors.

A Volvo L25 Electric in a living room with a cat sleeping on a sofa and a fresh coffee on the table in front.

Add comfort

Vibrations are often connected to operator health issues like headaches, back pain and fatigue. Fortunately, vibrations are at a minimum in our electric construction machines, so you will feel better when you get home from work.

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Frequently asked questions

If you would like to find out more, you can have a look in our FAQ page. There we have assembled a series of questions and answers about the machines, the prebooking process and more.


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