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The power
of change

Real change comes from taking a stand when others are only making noise. Real change comes from taking positive action, not screaming and shouting for others to do it. Some of the world’s greatest changes have been made without making a sound. It won’t be any different this time. We are committed to building the world we want to live in, a world where progress is made in a sustainable, efficient and peaceful way.

It’s time for a quiet revolution.
It’s time to launch our electric construction machines.
It’s time to Add Silence.

In an old city street at night, a Volvo L25 Electric is driven through an archway.

Add silence

Exposure to noise is not only tiresome and annoying, in the long-term it can also affect health in a negative way. So we set out to do something about it with our electric construction machines.

A Volvo ECR25 Electric parked in an immaculately clean kitchen whilst fresh salmon is being prepared in the foreground.

Add clean

We only have one planet and we should take good care of it. So we created a range of electric construction machines that can put us on the road to eliminating exhaust fumes and the emissions they create.

A Volvo L25 Electric in a living room with a cat sleeping on a sofa and a fresh coffee on the table in front.

Add comfort

Vibrations are uncomfortable and potentially harmful as they can cause headaches, fatigue and back pain. So when we designed our electric construction machines it was important to keep vibrations to a minimum.

add power to your business


Our electric machines have the power to change the way you do business. Work in new places, in sensitive environments and even indoors. You get high performance delivered with less noise, fewer vibrations and no exhaust fumes. We currently offer five electric construction machines, the broadest range in the industry. And with our new app Electric Machines Management Application, you can easily check battery level, see charging status and get notifications – it’s designed to maximize uptime.

Please note that not all our offers are available in all countries. For more information contact your local dealer.

Electromobility by Volvo CE

Up to an 8 hour working day on a single charge depending on application


Up to an 8 hour working day on a single charge depending on application

Charge up to 80% in as little as 1–1.5 hours


Charge up to 80% in as little as 1–1.5 hours

Zero exhaust emissions from use


Zero exhaust emissions from use

Electromobility for real

Expanding over the globe

Our electric range is expanding. We are also constantly expanding our market presence. Today, our electric machines are available for order in 22 markets around the world.

Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Norway, The Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland and United States.



Volvo CE electric machines have come a long way and are set to last the distance with power, performance and care for the environment. But let’s look back at some of the key innovations that got us to this point and look to the future at some of the key drivers that will increase adoption and accelerate our journey towards emission-free societies even further.

Our commitment


Volvo CE begins work on first concept electric machines.


Volvo CE launches Construction Climate Challenge (CCC) to promote sustainability throughout the construction value chain.


Volvo CE commits to WWF Climate Savers program to develop innovations for a zero-emission society.


Paris Agreement sets out its goals to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius


Introduction of Volvo CE’s futuristic hybrid, battery electric and autonomous concept machines LX01 and HX01.


Volvo CE unveils the next generation electric load carrier concept, the HX02, and the EX02, an award winning fully electric compact excavator prototype.


Carbon emissions reduced by 98% when Volvo CE and Skanska record ground-breaking results from the Electric Site research project, the world’s first ‘emission free’ quarry.


Volvo CE makes industry-first commitment to electromobility for its compact machine range, stopping new diesel engine-based development.


Norway becomes the first country where sales of electric cars outnumber diesel


Volvo Group commits to Science-Based Targets.



Volvo CE electric compact machines now commercially available.
Volvo CE unveils first electric customer pilot in China.
Volvo CE introduces mid-size electric prototype machine EC230.
Volvo Autonomous Solutions industrializes its autonomous electric hauler TA-15 with a customer pilot transporting material from site to landfill.


Covid-19 reduces urban pollution, revealing the extent of change required to mitigate climate change.


Volvo Energy launched to develop battery and charging infrastructure framework.


Commercial electric solutions in construction are now becoming more common

Mid 2020s

Customer testing for Volvo Group hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles to start as part of cellcentric initiative.

Mid 2020s

New business models such as ‘cost per hour’ and e-commerce set to become more standard in construction

Mid 2020s

The sale price of an electric machine set to level out against diesel

Commonly Accepted


35% of all vehicles sold as part of Volvo Group will be electric.


Many cities to ban petrol and diesel vehicles from urban centres by 2030

Mid 2030s

EU Green Deal calls for at least 40% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by this date


Volvo Group to be 100% fossil free.

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