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My Equipment is a web-based application to track the status of all electric construction machines and is specifically designed with the operator in mind. The tool makes it easy and simple to track vital data like battery charging status and power consumption, wherever you are at any time.
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Total control

With real-time information about machine hours, consumption and location, My Equipment gives operators full control when monitoring their machines.

Easy access

The web-based application is accessible on any device. It is integrated with the CareTrack telematic system, included in the CareTrack Start package.


Launched for all Volvo machines equipped with 4G telematics, it provides peace of mind on location, fuel level or charging status and more.

Compatible with all Volvo machines

Launched primarily for electric machines, it provides peace of mind for operators, or indeed anyone on site, needing to monitor battery charging status remotely. My Equipment also has the ability to connect to diesel machines, providing customers with additional information on fuel level and more.

How it works

The web-based My Equipment application makes it easy and simple to track vital data like battery charging status, wherever you are, at any time, and from any device. Designed specifically to meet the needs of operators, it provides peace of mind with real-time information – so that you, as an operator, feel prepared to tackle another productive day.
My Equipment keeps track of machine hours and monitors the power consumption within a customized time period. A digital map shows you where the machines are located with all machine related IDs gathered in one place. With remote battery charging status, operators are notified if and when the machine’s charging session is interrupted unexpectedly, wherever they might be. The new My Equipment mobile application will be available in June of 2024. It will be through CareTrack, where customer admins are authorized to invite individual operators to access the mobile application for specific machines and sites. EMMA will be decommissioned once all users have been migrated to My Equipment.

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