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Volvo Reman

Keep your Volvo a Volvo with remanufactured parts

Benefit from all the confidence that comes from choosing Genuine Volvo Parts, but at a lower cost and with less environmental impact.

Reliable. Durable. Affordable.

A Volvo Reman part delivers all the quality and high standards you expect from Volvo. That’s because Reman parts are Genuine Volvo Parts – remanufactured to their original condition and at a competitive price. In fact, the quality standards for a remanufactured part are exactly the same as for a brand-new part. And backed by the same warranty.

The right part for you

Whatever you need – from injectors, control units to engines, gearboxes, turbochargers, and diesel particular filters (DPF) – you’ll find the part you need in our extensive range of Volvo Reman Parts; all at a price you’ll appreciate and quality you can count on.

volvo  reman features benefits

Features and benefits

  • More cost-effective than new parts.
  • Always up to the latest technical specifications.
  • The same warranty conditions as Genuine Volvo Parts.
  • Less time needed in the workshop compared with repairing.
  • Same high quality and performance as a new part.
  • Reduced environmental impact.
volvo  reman features benefits
The environmental choice

When compared to manufacturing a new part, a Reman part can use up to 85% less material and up to 80% less energy. Which means not only is a Reman part the right choice for your machine and your bottom line – it’s also the right choice for the environment.

The road to a circular economy is about the choices we make on a daily basis and Reman Parts help us to reach this destination – together.

Quality, assured

From the moment a worn part is returned to us, quality assurance begins. We start by disassembling, cleaning and thoroughly inspecting all components. Bearings, seals, brushes, and similar elements are replaced with Genuine Volvo Parts. Components will be upgraded to meet the latest available specification and machined to meet the latest technical requirements. Finally, we test all Volvo Reman Parts once more before they leave the factory.

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