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The lifeblood which runs through all hydraulic systems is provided for and managed by the machine pumps and motors. No matter what the competition may claim, only Volvo Pumps and Motors are uniquely designed to meet the unique specifications of your Volvo, keeping productivity to a maximum.

Variable displacement pump

Volvo offers a variety of variable displacement pumps which provides the highest levels of performance, reliability, and ease of maintenance. With Volvo optimized pumps you will benefit from improved fuel economy and lower exhaust emissions, both of which are central to Volvo’s sustainability objectives.

Piston pump

Volvo Piston Pumps have been continuously developed to provide high efficiency, low noise, and compact design.

Gear pump

Volvo Gear Pumps are produced with enhanced manufacturing accuracy. The result is outstanding performance of external-contact type gear pumps, which have small pulsations and good volumetric characteristics.


Developed utilizing the very latest technologies – combined with vast market experience – ensure Volvo Hydraulic Motors deliver unrivalled reliability.

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