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volvo driveline repair kits
Volvo Driveline Repair Kits

A lifetime together

The Volvo Driveline Repair Kits are designed to provide essential repairs for engine, transmissions, and axles, so your machine stays in optimum condition and working at its best through its entire lifetime.

What are Volvo Driveline Repair Kits?

Volvo Driveline Repair Kits offer Repair kit solutions which are based on the life cycle needs of the machine and allow you to choose the right repair kits to suit your needs. This price optimized and rational based repair solution contains Genuine Volvo Parts.

Why choose Volvo Driveline Repair Kits?
  • A one stop multi-level repair solution for drivelines.
  • Makes it easy to understand machine repairs.
  • Helps save unnecessary expenditure and provides better value for your money.
  • Repairs follow Volvo best practices (tools, methods, instructions, and workshop requirements) and are performed by your Volvo authorized dealer.

How does it work?

Volvo Driveline Repair Kits are constructed to fit any repair situation. Different options exist which give the flexibility to choose kits according to your individual needs.

Axle and Transmission Kits

Step 1: Open the component with the Foundation kit.

Step 2: Repair the component with Add-on kits based on the diagnostics.

Step 3: In the case of a complete renovation a Superior kit can be used if needed.

Foundation kit  +  Add-on kit  =  Superior kit
 To diagnose    To overhaul a section    To overhaul the complete component 


Engine Kit

Foundation kit: Includes alternator, starter, compressor (engine auxiliary components).

Essential kit: includes cylinder head kit, thermostat kit, external harness kit (upper half of the engine).

Premium kit: includes the engine block repair kit and all engine sensors.

Superior kit: is used to perform a complete engine overhaul.

 Foundation kit  +  Essential kit    Premium kit
 Around the engine     The head cylinder    The block
   =  Superior kit    
     To overhaul the complete engine     


When are Volvo Driveline Repair Kits right for me?

Scenario 1

If your machine is beginning to show signs of wear and tear then it is time to act.

In this scenario you are working in a preventive manner and Volvo recommends preventive repair kits. With the new kit structure Volvo can offer the right solution and no more than is required.

Planned repairs

Preventive repair allows you to schedule the work at a time most convenient to your operation, minimizing disruption to your operation and lost productivity during peak times.

Spend the money on your terms

Being preventive allows you to plan the best time for repairs according to what will work best for your current and future financial situation.

Scenario 2

Your machine has stopped working.

In this situation Volvo can offer kits according to the technical diagnostics. The new driveline kits provide all possible solutions starting from foundation kit right through to a complete overhaul kit depending on the repair needs of the machine.

Unplanned repairs

Your Volvo dealer has the specific repair knowledge, special tooling and repair skills required to provide reactive support you when you need it.


The new drive line kits offer a specific diagnostic based repair meaning that you only pay for what is required.

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