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Volvo Coolants

The best choice for your Volvo

With 20% of engine failures attributed to the cooling system, it is essential to use the right coolant for your machine. For total peace of mind, Volvo Coolants are approved, verified and tested for use in Volvo Engines, providing guaranteed anti-wear protection and material compatibility.

Features and benefits

  • Highly specialized coolants approved, verified and rigorously tested in Volvo Engines by Volvo engineers.
  • Superior anti-freeze and corrosion protection.
  • Particularly non-aggressive to light alloy metals.
  • Does not contain nitrates, amines or phosphates.
  • Outstanding engine protection due to high heat transfer capacity.
  • Compatibility with all materials used in the cooling systems on Volvo machines, protecting against corrosion and blockages and preventing leakage.
  • No deposits are left in the coolant system.

The Volvo Coolant offer

Volvo Coolant VCS

An Organic Additive Technology (OAT) based coolant which is yellow in colour. This coolant contains additives which are not easily depleted, providing long lasting protection for your engine. Volvo Coolant VCS is typically used in machines from 2006.

Volvo Coolant

This green coolant is a hybrid-type, incorporating traditional inorganic and organic additives. Volvo Coolant is typically used in machines pre-2006.

Why choose Volvo Coolants?

Using the wrong coolant or mixing coolants can prove to be extremely costly, increasing the risk of corrosion damage and material incompatibility. A substandard or incorrect coolant can damage the engine, resulting in reduced performance, downtime and expensive repairs.

Volvo Coolants are tested alongside the engine and are proven to be the best choice for your Volvo – meeting the highest requirements for quality, safety and environmental care. Only by using Volvo Coolants can you ensure:

  • The engine is fully protected
  • Uptime is optimized
  • Machines operate to their maximum performance level throughout their service lifetime
  • Maximum machine lifetime.
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