Construction Equipment New Zealand

Breaking into New Zealand

Volvo Construction Equipment has launched a range of their world-class hydraulic breakers in the country.

Volvo hydraulic breakers provide consistent power, durability, and breaking force. Contractors in New Zealand can now choose from 12 of these state-of-the-art hydraulic breakers. With designs that feature the manufacturer’s trademark quality and reliability, the attachments can handle even the toughest breaking and trenching jobs in mining, quarrying, demolition and construction. The range runs from the HB70, with an operating weight of 7,348 kg and a length of 4,265 mm, down to the HB02, with an operating weight of 155 kg and a length of 1,330 mm.

The breakers are suitable for use with carrier machines from 3 tons to over 70 tons. All are equipped with the standard pyramid moil attachment designed for breaking through asphalt, concrete, and sedimentary rock. Other tools such as moil point, chisel, blunt, compacting plate, and spade attachments are also available.

“We have had huge successes with our breakers in the Asia Pacific region and we’re confident New Zealand customers will very quickly discover the benefits of using them, especially with the top-notch aftersales support offered through local distributor Transdiesel Ltd,” said Erdogan Genc, vice president for customer solutions, APAC, Volvo CE.

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