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Building Tomorrow
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Sundarbans, India

Along the Bay of Bengal, 4.5 million people are living under the constant threat of rising sea levels and reoccurring cyclones. Tens of thousands of people have lost their homes the last decades. A major source of protection is embankments and now, new ones are being built to protect the population. This is the story of Sundarbans and how Volvo CE machinery are building tomorrow in a very unique part of the world.

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Sustainability is a word that is closely linked to the famous ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. With the help of fuel-efficient Volvo machines, the hotel has used and fine-tuned a natural process of building with snow and ice from the nearby river. Read more about their ambitious goal to become CO₂ negative.

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In Qatar, located on the Northeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, a city of the future is taking form. With its rapidly increasing population, the State of Qatar is turning 38 km2 of desert landscape into a sustainable, green city built for work, play and recreation. Lusail City is designed to support 250,000 new residents and Volvo construction equipment is playing a big part in the project.

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By 2030 the renewable energy sector is targeted to provide 42% of South Africa's energy requirements. Kouga Wind Farm, located on the Eastern Cape, is one of the country's many wind farms. They work with sustainability on a wider scale. By contributing to education and healthcare, they are empowering the local community to start building a better tomorrow.

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