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Creating a carbon-free future is a vision we share with many of our customers. Volvo CE is committed to its position as a driver of change within the construction industry. We have set our own strict target to reach net zero value chain greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 – with a 50% reduction in CO₂ emissions across our own operations and a 30% reduction in CO₂ emissions across product use as early as 2030.

We know that our customers are also setting their own ambitious targets to urgently reduce their carbon footprint. Which is why we believe in working closely with you, our customers, to accelerate the green transition. Partnership is vital in taking us forward. But we cannot achieve this in one day. Every step on the path to net zero is important. If you want to start your own journey there are many significant improvements, you can make with us today.

Note: The tools and services which support the CO2 Reduction Program may differ per market.

Introducing the CO₂ Reduction Program

We have developed a step-by-step program to help our customers realize their own unique goals towards CO₂ neutrality – no matter which brand of machines you have on site and no matter where you are on that journey. It is based on four key areas.

How it works


We start by understanding where you are already in terms of CO₂ emissions in order to set a baseline. Using telematics data from connected machines, we establish overall fuel consumption and an overview of the CO₂/ ton for all your machines on site. Mapping this data can then help you visualize the impact of carbon reduction changes over time.


By analyzing machine data, material flow, fleet composition and fuel type and by visiting the site and assessing operator behavior, we map out where improvements can be made and what actions need to be taken to reduce CO₂/ton. Using Volvo Site Simulation, we can also show the impact of these improvements to your operations helping to motivate real change.


When we have identified specific actions to be taken, the next step will be to implement them. This will vary from customer to customer, but Volvo CE will support with key services such as Eco Operator training and other efficiency services – or plan a smooth transition towards electric machines.



While you are already starting to see the rewards of your efforts, both economically and environmentally, the journey doesn’t end there. It is important to keep the new lower CO₂ level and not fall back into old habits. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we help to keep you on track and identify even stronger CO₂ reduction targets.

It is vital that the way we address the urgency of our climate challenge is to get everyone involved and engaged in driving sustainability as part of their daily work and building a culture of sustainability. Every step on the path to net zero is important, so take the first step today.

Niklas Nillroth

Head of Sustainability and Public Affairs, at Volvo CE

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If you are a customer who wants to make a change today and join our journey towards net zero, get in touch and contact us directly here. We are here to help.

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