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The excavator’s undercarriage does a hero’s job. It supports the total weight of the machine and is continuously subjected to rocks and other obstacles when in operation.

If the undercarriage breaks down, the machine stops. Therefore, it is a good idea to spend time on maintenance and keeping track of the wear status of your undercarriage.

Why perform undercarriage inspections?

The status of the undercarriage is decisive for the profitability of the excavator. If the undercarriage components wear down unevenly, then the machine’s performance deteriorates. Components in poor condition increase fuel consumption, shorten the machine’s service life and increase the risk of unplanned downtime.

The only certainties stem from regularly checking the condition of the undercarriage. This will help you:

  • Find small problems before they become any bigger
  • To be better equipped to avoid unexpected downtime and production stops
  • Know your wear status and wear trends which supports a proactive service and repair planning
  • Identify unusual wear caused by operator behaviour, enabling you to provide the correct training to improve awareness on how operators can help reduce the wear.

Remember that one single measurement will only show the status quo of your undercarriage wear status, regular measurements will give you a wear trend.

Undercarriage wear inspections

This is our in-depth wear inspection of the undercarriage. It is performed by a skilled Volvo CSR or Service technician from the local Volvo dealer.

Your Volvo dealer can present the results of the wear inspection, backed by photos and data. This way you will be able to catch any abnormal wear at an early stage. You can analyze the results from your inspection with your Volvo dealer, who can advise on how to reduce wear and give you a quote for repair or overhaul of the undercarriage if and when necessary.

Undercarriage visual inspection

Used independently or as an addition to the Undercarriage Wear Inspection (UCWI), the visual inspection can be carried out by a Volvo technician or service staff who can provide you with a general status of the undercarriage. Based on the outcome you will be advised if action is needed or to book a more detailed Undercarriage Wear Inspection.

Your local Volvo dealer has all the necessary training and tools to carry out fast and accurate inspections of the undercarriage.

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