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Without hydraulic cylinders your machine wouldn’t be able to perform its complex array of tasks and movements. Volvo Hydraulic Cylinders are built to maximize the performance of your machine and have been tested to withstand the toughest conditions in all environments. We undertake years of research and testing to produce parts which allow your Volvo to deliver the highest productivity and profitability, over and over again.

Every part is vital

Hydraulic cylinders are designed and engineered specifically for your Volvo. This means that the specifications of the cylinders are developed along with the rest of the machine to generate optimized lifting, tear out and breakout forces, and that they are tested according to the maximum machine load.

Hydraulic cylinders of the highest quality

The manufacturing process of Volvo Hydraulic Cylinders ensures a premium product that maximizes the uptime of your machine. This includes friction welding, induction hardening and deep rolling methods to provide long life performance for the piston rods. The result is a hydraulic cylinder of the highest quality.

  • Enhanced sliding performance and decrease of microgrooves.
  • Increased fatigue strength and component lifetime.
  • High and low pressure sealing combined secures a long-life sealing system.
  • Withstands stones and other objects falling on the road.
  • Performs in though environments and extreme temperatures.
  • Ultimate assembly strength and durability, over and over again.
Increased uptime

Make machine ownership comfortable and easy with Volvo Hydraulic Cylinders. For example, the boom and arm cylinders on Volvo Excavators incorporate a cushion plunger which reduces the shock loads through the machine, increasing operator comfort and extending component life.

Easy servicing helps keep uptime to a maximum, with features including:

  • Torque free piston locking makes disassembling easy.
  • No pressed bushings for quick and simple exchange.
  • Easily replaced sealings for re-sealing in the field.
  • Screw joints torqued without the use of thread locking media.
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