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Volvo CE launches the new powerful SD110B compactor in South East Asia

Volvo´s new SD110B compactor is strong, fast, fuel-efficient, durable, easy to operate and will deliver good return on investment for the customers.

volvo soil compactor sd110b t3

Volvo CE has a strong reputation for high quality products that deliver superior performance. The new SD110B builds on that legacy, offering faster and more efficient compaction duties while delivering better fuel efficiency and easier operation than alternatives.

Tee Peow Aik, Director of Road Machinery in Volvo CE Region APAC, says that the advantages of Volvo´s new powerful compaction unit will be immediately apparent for customers in the South East Asia markets.

“For the operator there’s not only a more comfortable cab but simpler operation and a design that offers all-round visibility. The powerful Volvo D5 engine delivers stronger performance and the robust design of the machine means it will work harder for longer time and giving owners a better return on their investment.”

The SD110B single drum compactor delivers powerful, efficient performance and has a range of features to ensure outstanding efficiency from operation through to servicing and transportation.

The SD110B is optimized to deliver dual amplitude and centrifugal force – matching the drum’s performance to any application. The choice of high or low amplitude is easily selected, giving the operator the flexibility to adjust the drum’s dynamic force depending on the application. The combination of high force and heavy weight facilitates excellent compaction to ensure material target density is achieved in fewer passes.

There is both a smooth and padfoot drum available with the padfoot able to adapt to all ground conditions. Compared with previous designs, the padfeet on the SD110B have been repositioned closer together to ensure a smoother performance. The heavy-duty drum has been designed and manufactured with durability in mind. The large diameter, thick drum shell is engineered from high strength steel for longevity and performance.

A precise performance

The SD110B is equipped with a premium Volvo D5 engine that meets Tier 3/Stage IIIA requirements, delivering high torque at low rpm for superior performance. In conjunction with Volvo’s ECO mode, it delivers lower emissions and increased efficiency without compromising on power. There’s also a 20% reduction in fuel consumption compared with previous Volvo models in this category.

For excellent gradeability, the Volvo traction system provides outstanding climbing and traction capabilities in difficult applications such as steep inclines or slippery surfaces, and the system prevents wheel or drum spin.

Operate with ease

The SD110B features a convenient foldable open ROPS with a roof that can be raised and lowered by the operator without the need for tools. This provides an industry-leading transport height of only 2.3 meters. The roof is mounted on gas spring shocks, allowing for safe operation by a single operator.

The fully adjustable seat slides and turns to enhance visibility and operator safety and comfort, and the ROPS/FOPS certified Volvo cab is pressurized to increase the efficiency of the air conditioning system and prevent dust from entering the operator environment. With floor to ceiling cab windows, the operator has an excellent forward drum view as well as superior rear visibility.

This machine features a new control panel, created for an improved operator experience. The single lever propulsion and vibration control is conveniently located within the operator’s zone of comfort and reach.

Simple servicing

Designed for hassle-free service access, the engine hood lift is electronically controlled for easy and convenient access to the engine. The hydraulic pressure test ports are grouped together remotely and key service check points are grouped on one side to ensure regular maintenance and inspections can be conducted more efficiently – increasing overall productivity and reliability.