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Change Starts Here

It’s easy to talk about the importance of change. But the world doesn’t need more words. It needs action. The world depends on our industry to contribute to growth while reducing our climate footprint. It depends on us to construct buildings and infrastructure for the benefit of people everywhere. It depends on us to work together to build the world we want to live in.

The world expects us to talk less and do more. So, we are leading the way with electric machines that drive our industry forward. Services that allow our customers to get more from their business.
And innovations that will transform the way we work.

Change Starts Here
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Change starts with action

Change starts with circularity

At Volvo CE, we believe extending the lifespan of our machines is great not just for customers, but for the planet. See how we make your Volvo CE machines last another generation - while supporting the environment with Volvo Reman, Volvo Certified Rebuild and Volvo Approved Used Equipment.

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Change starts with electromobility

We live in a world where sustainability requirements are increasing by the minute. Electromobility is key when you want to be able to compete. At Volvo CE, we have a wide range of electric machines that can move your business forward.

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Change starts with people

At Volvo CE, we want to build a better world. To succeed we depend on people with different perspectives. So when we heard that many girls give up on their engineering dreams at a young age, we decided to inspire and encourage them.

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Change starts with CO₂ reduction

If you are serious about reducing carbon emissions, we have solutions that can make a real difference. By working together, we can analyze the way you work, set goals and keep you on target.

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Meet the changemakers

Change starts with Jennifer Milikowsky

Taking the leap from intention to action by bringing sustainability to every aspect of life, is Jennifer Milikowsky of Walden Hill Farms. Let’s take a trip up to New England, USA, for an inspiring insight into how an electric construction machine can clear the path to a better world.

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Change starts with Godson and Hedvig

Meet students Godson Osele and Hedvig Ernst. Under Volvo CE mentorship their teams collaborated across continents in an attempt to build remote off-grid charging for electric machines. And their journey towards a sustainable future is nothing short of electric!

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Change starts with Stena Recycling

The Volvo ECR25 Electric at Stena Recycling’s plant in Sweden has been working nearly non-stop for over 4000 hours. Join Stena Recycling’s Head of Purchasing, Marika Björnum, as she explains why switching to electric machines is good for both business and the environment.

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Volvo Construction Equipment is the Official Track Building Partner to the FIA World Rallycross Championship. Here we will show how real change can be delivered with our new products and services.

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Our commitment: 100% fossil fuel free Volvo Group vehicles from 2040

As a world leading manufacturer we have the power to change. Join us on the journey towards a more sustainable construction industry.

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