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Operator coaching

Understand when and how to use the many smart functions of your Volvo wheel loader to achieve optimum results on site. You can also set targets and objectives to continually develop and improve your operating practices to get the most out of yourself and the machine you are working with.

Lower operating costs

Make better decisions behind the controls thanks to instant feedback on operating behavior, combined with real-time on-screen guidance. With information available at the blink-of-an-eye, operators can ensure they are working in a way which delivers optimum fuel efficiency and reduced machine wear.

What you get

Operating behavior

Monitor operator behavior with key indicators including: idling over active time, braking over distance, throttle position (%) and lock-up over distance.


Operators receive real-time guidance on how to best operate the machine, such as ‘Activate Boom Suspension System’ and ‘Activate lock-up’.

Interactive guidance

Navigate the functions and get tips on how to use them.

Score and trend

Real-time score and graphical visualization of operator performance across previous shifts enables follow-up and performance improvements.

User ID

Create individual profiles and easily recall personalized saved data and objectives before each shift.


Key information relating to machine utilization (operating time, average speed, fuel consumption, distance traveled) is clearly displayed on the Volvo Co-Pilot, and can be reset separately from the machine display.

Specifications for operator coaching app

Unit of measure Meters, litres, yards and gallons
Rear view camera YES, when reversing only
Other app integration On-Board Weighing: Operator Coaching is accessed as a view within the view selector
Data/results Linked only to individual operator profiles. Maximum 40 profiles allowed
Data transfered via Cloud service N/A
Data transfered via USB N/A
Data transfered via CareTrack N/A
Printer / Connectivity None
Screen views 3 views: main, interactive help and historical (graphs)
Measurements (which constitute overall score) Idling, brake, throttle, lock-up*
  Idling % of operating time the machine is standing still with neutral gear active. Lower is better
  Brake The consumed brake energy per travel segment. Lower is better
  Throttle % of pedal position movement under > 75%. Higher % in the circle is better
  Lock-up % of distance driven with transmission lock-up engaged. Higher is better
  Consumption Total consumption measured since last reset
  Operating time Total operating time measured since last reset
  Distance Total distance measured since last reset
  Average consumption Average consumption measured since last reset
Overall score Provides a summary evaluation based on the overall score "measurements"
Overall score graph Provides a quick view of the overall score from the previous 2 hours
Resets Manually performed through the menu OR after 8 hours of machine shutdown
Interactive help Information on the switches located on the A-pillar
Notifications Live status of automatic functions, plus basic suggestions for more efficient driving. Live operator feedback.
*The Lock-up dial disappears if the transmission lock-up option is not detected.
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