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A complete site overview


Knowing the position of machines, vehicles and visitors on-site can help operators avoid unwanted situations, especially when working on jobsites with restricted visibility. Speed limit notifications further remind operators to maintain the recommended speed.

Improved orientation, enhanced operator performance

Being able to monitor traffic and follow the transportation flow in a work cycle allows operators to better anticipate driving decisions, resulting in a more efficient performance.

How it works

The hauler’s built-in GPS is used for positioning and communication purposes with other machines equipped with Volvo Co-Pilot, as well as any other vehicle and visitor connected to the Map application through telecom.

Haul roads

Haul roads are shown to help operators navigate around the site.

Load and dump zones

Pre-defined load/dump zones can be specified to trigger certain functionalities, for example activating On-Board Weighing information when entering a specific area.

Pre-defined routs

Pre-defined routes between loading and dumping areas can be highlighted

Single-lane sections

To avoid traffic congestions, the operator will be notified if another machine is approaching within a pre-defined single lane section.

Speed-restricted sections

Set speed limits for the site and/or specific sections to prevent speeding.

Restricted areas

Specify no-go zones on the map to help operators avoid entering restricted areas.

Points of interest

Visualize specific points of interest for reference purposes, such as the office, workshop, fuel station or lunchroom.

Site specific reporting

With Map you get the ability to include GPS-coordinate data in your productivity reports.

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