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Volvo demonstrates strong portfolio for customer success at Intermat Paris 2018

Large technical, social and climate forces are driving the global economy. The Volvo Group comes to Intermat with a package of machines and services that deliver customer success – demonstrating its eagerness for ‘Building Tomorrow’.


In a changing society, Volvo has the machines, the services and the distribution network to support customers no matter how large the project. This is an underlying message of Volvo’s ‘Building Tomorrow’ themed display at the Intermat exhibition in Paris, France.

Across 4,800m2 of indoor and outdoor exhibition space, Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is displaying a range of new and updated machines – encompassing excavators, wheel loaders, pavers and compactors – combined with its state-of-the-art Volvo Co-Pilot touchscreen tablet that powers all Volvo Assist platforms.

When paired with Volvo Services, these machines are primed to deliver customer success. In fact, when paired with its sister companies at Volvo Trucks, Volvo Penta, Volvo Buses and Volvo Financial Services, the uniqueness of the Volvo Group allows the company to become partners on the world’s largest construction schemes, such as the ongoing €100 billion Grand Paris infrastructure project.

Designed for urban environments

In response to increasing urbanization, Volvo is showcasing three new short-swing radius machines at Intermat Paris – one crawler, the ECR355ENL; one wheeled, the EWR170E; and one compact – the ECR18E. These excavators are ideal for jobsites where space is limited, while offering Volvo’s usual low noise, fuel consumption and emissions.

The ECR18E is not the only compact sized star of Intermat. Another mini highlight of the show is the Intermat Innovation Award winning EX2. The EX2 100% electric compact excavator prototype delivers zero emissions, 10 times higher efficiency, 10 times lower noise levels and reduced total cost of ownership compared to its conventional counterparts. It is believed to be the world’s first fully-electric compact excavator prototype.

Increasing urbanization also brings greater demand for specialized demolition and recycling equipment, which is why Volvo is dedicating part of its outside area at Intermat to this sector. The demolition and recycling zone features, among others, the EC380E, now available with an optional high-reach extension boom, and the brand new EW240E MH material handler. It is in these areas that Volvo’s expertise in safety is a particular advantage.

Broader compaction line

In addition, Volvo has been expanding its offer in the road segment. At Intermat, Volvo CE will present the new P6820D paver, complete with the new EPM3 electronic paver management system and Pave Assist, along with the DD105 asphalt compactor, now available with oscillating drums. Thanks to this latest launch, Volvo’s range of soil and asphalt compactors is more comprehensive than ever before.

Other notable machine launches at Intermat include the L260H wheel loader in Europe and the upgraded L180H wheel loader with all-new drivetrain.

Completion of Volvo Co-Pilot range

Intermat also sees the European-wide debut of Haul Assist and Dig Assist, the Volvo Co-Pilot applications, designed to boost productivity, efficiency and safety by delivering real-time data to the screen in the cab for operators of articulated haulers and excavators respectively. The new Haul Assist function even incorporates information from Volvo’s optional On-board Weighing, which helps other operators and site staff keep an eye on the load status of articulated haulers fitted with the ‘traffic light’ system.

This latest assist function launch completes the Volvo Co-Pilot range – consisting of Haul Assist, Load Assist, Dig Assist, Pave Assist and Compact Assist. The inclusion of Volvo Co-Pilot on all the machines displayed at Intermat sends a strong message to customers about the manufacturer’s readiness to deliver machines with Co-Pilot functionality in the next few months.

Assist functions now available in 3D

Customers can order the assist functions in 2D, infield design (Volvo-developed software that lies between 2D and 3D) and now 3D in cooperation with Topcon, according to the level of accuracy required. In the future, customers will also be able to choose 3D software in cooperation with Trimble and Leica.

Volvo Co-Pilot is fitted in the factory but can also be retrofitted to customers’ existing Volvo machines. Because the hardware is made by Volvo and fitted by Volvo engineers, it is securely mounted and covered by the Volvo warranty.

Wide availability of factory-fit tiltrotators

Volvo CE is also promoting the factory fit of Steelwrist tiltrotators for 15 excavator models in Europe. Other brands of tiltrotator are available, according to customer wishes, but not factory fitted.

New uptime services

Under the Volvo Services umbrella, Volvo CE is promoting its new Proactive Monitoring and Health Reports services at Intermat. With Proactive Monitoring, dealers will actively monitor alarms and fault codes on a customer’s machine and diagnose any issues remotely. By carrying out preventative maintenance, dealers can help minimize downtime and repair costs. Health Reports, similarly, provide a diagnosis of the condition of a machine, helping to plan maintenance or flag up issues arising from incorrect operation or application. Meanwhile, in European markets Volvo CE is introducing a new two-year warranty on parts.

Strength of the Group

Group companies Volvo Trucks, Volvo Penta, and Volvo Financial Services are fully integrated at Intermat as well, highlighting the strength of the Volvo Group’s total offer. Volvo Trucks’ on road construction trucks work hand-in-hand with Volvo construction machines, while Volvo Penta’s industrial engines for other site equipment make servicing easy. Megaprojects, such as Grand Paris, showcase the benefits of this partnership in action and exemplify Volvo’s continuing commitment to the French market.

Image 1: Volvo’s indoor stand at Intermat Paris 2018
Image 2: Volvo’s outdoor stand at Intermat Paris 2018