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Start your journey toward zero emissions today

We all need to find ways to address climate change. Your business may already have ambitious targets for how to reduce carbon emissions.
The question is: how do you reach your goals? Volvo CE has the answer.

Volvo Construction Equipment has developed a step-by-step program that can help realize your own goals towards CO₂ neutrality. The program works regardless of which brand of machines you have on site or where you start your journey.

The path to net zero is a process that combines data, connectivity and site solutions. By working closely together, we can accelerate change and help you make significant progress – one step at a time.

The CO₂ reduction program in short:

1. Insight
Using telematics data from connected machines, we establish overall fuel consumption and an overview of the CO₂/ton for all your machines on site.

2. Analyze
We analyze machine data, material flow, fleet composition, fuel type and operator behavior. And map out what actions need to be taken to reduce CO₂/ton.

3. Improve
Implementing specific actions. Key services include EcoOperator training and other efficiency services. May include a plan for a transition towards electric machines.

4. Sustain
It is important to keep the new lower CO₂ level and not fall back into old habits. We help to keep you on track and identify even stronger CO₂ reduction targets.


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