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volvo dump truck a60g t4f
Articulated haulers

Hauling heavy profits

Volvo Construction Equipment developed the concept of the articulated hauler. Around the globe, we’re still the undisputed leader of articulated hauling in the most demanding conditions, terrain and applications. From quarrying, mining and tunneling to earthmoving, material handling and waste handling, Volvo articulated haulers get your jobs done to the highest standard, every day.

Values in metric Change


  • 55.000 kg
  • 33,6


  • 41.000 kg
  • 25,1


  • 39.000 kg
  • 24
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The latest news about Articulated Haulers

SMA meraup peningkatan produktivitas sebesar 30% dengan excavator Volvo EC950

Excavator Volvo EC950E berbobot 95 ton yang baru dan andal membantu PT Samudera Mulia Abadi meningkatkan produktivitas hingga 30 persen di tambang emas Manado.

Indonesian mine strikes gold and 30% productivity gains with the Volvo EC950

Volvo´s new powerful 95-ton EC950E excavator helps Indonesian mining customer PT Samudera Mulia Abadi to boost productivity by up to 30 percent at a Manado gold mine.

Great individually – Superior together

On their own, the EC950E and A60H, Volvo’s biggest-ever excavator and biggest-ever hauler respectively, can be expected to deliver world-class productivity. In combination with each other, they are simply unbeatable.