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Oil analysis

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Oil Analysis

With regular use of Volvo oil analysis you get a comprehensive diagnosis of the machine's condition. The analysis gives a lot of information, e.g., water/coolant content, viscosity, dirt and quantity of metal particles. Thanks to the early warnings provided by the oil analysis you can plan component changes in good time before problems occur, thus avoiding expensive damage and downtime.

Volvo not only gives you an analysis, you also get a comprehensive diagnosis and valuable explanations of the analysis, making it an important tool. Even for the very best analysis and diagnosis the results need to be presented in a clear and user-friendly manner. That’s why Volvo has developed a method of reporting that gives you exact and useful information.

Volvo Services Oil analysis
Trust Volvo Oil Analysis to increase your profits

High uptime is what counts when you want to generate profit. With Volvo Oil Analysis you get an unbeatable tool, making it possible for you to plan maintenance as well as reduce the risk of unplanned downtime and expensive repairs.

 Simply put, the Oil Analysis is a thorough ”health check-up” of the machine’s vital systems with analysis of oils in the engine, transmission, hydraulic system, axles and brakes as well as coolant and fuel on request. The Oil Analysis provides early warnings, giving you time to replace components before they cause problems and subsequent damage.

 Only the Volvo laboratories have the full knowledge of the Volvo machines and can therefore interpret the results of the analyses and provide recommendations on how to act upon the results better than any other laboratories. Make sure to perform regular analyses in order to get a history of several oil analyses. This will make it possible for you to see trends. 

Easy, fast and clear


The necessary samples are drawn and are then sent to one of the Volvo laboratories.


The Volvo laboratories have state-of-the art, advanced diagnostic equipment as well as experienced and qualified personnel. They analyze the samples and collect a vast amount of information, water/coolant content, viscosity, fuel, impurities, quantity of metal particles and more.


The thorough diagnosis is immediately available on a web site. The diagnosis provides direct action recommendations, so that critical situations can be avoided.

Save time and money

Apart from helping you to plan maintenance, Volvo Oil Analysis can also give you major advantages in connection with repairs. When the Oil Analysis indicates the cause of a problem the repair time will be reduced. Minimal time for troubleshooting means reduced downtime. A feature of the Oil Analysis program is that the results of the analysis with action recommendations are available on a web site. This helps you to take care of urgent matters immediately, before there are costly repairs.

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