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Volvo Batteries

Start as you mean to go on

The importance of the battery to the successful operation of your Volvo machine cannot be emphasized enough. To begin with, the battery provides the power to start the machine. And once up and running, the battery will power all the electrical and electronic systems. From the lights, to the instrument panel, the on-board computers and telematics – even the wipers – they all rely on the battery.

Quality and power

Quality is assured throughout our extensive range of Volvo Batteries, which includes wet, dry and maintenance free options.

Volvo Batteries have all the power that you need and more in order to succeed in the most challenging of conditions and applications.

Why choose Volvo Batteries?

  • The perfect battery capacity for your Volvo machine.
  • 25% more starting power than non-genuine alternatives.
  • 20% longer service life than non-genuine alternatives.
  • Fast charge recovery.
  • High vibration resistance.
  • Designed and tested by Volvo to handle the most challenging conditions.
  • 100% leak resistant.
  • Full Volvo warranty.
  • Manufactured with utmost consideration to reduce environmental impact.

Did you know every fourth machine breakdown is due to a defective starter battery? That's why the cheapest solution is not always the best choice for your business.

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