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Volvo launches new P7320 ABG paver especially for the Indian market

Based on more than 75 years of paving experience, the new P7320 ABG paver from Volvo Construction Equipment is designed to deliver high productivity and low operating costs on high-volume and multi-lane highway projects in India.

The P7320 ABG paver from Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is a brand new machine optimized for Indian contractors working in the 9m segment. Once it arrives on the jobsite, this high-performance paver is extremely quick and easy to set up. The weight of all screed components and functional braces has been optimized to enable a single person to complete the job and operators can set the screed to the desired working width in no time at all thanks to the quick coupling extension box. This unique feature enables paving crew members to assemble and disassemble extensions quickly and safely, saving time and money. 

Using the Settings Manager within the EPM3 (Electronic Paver Management system), operators can store and retrieve customized settings for individual projects, while the fast-heating screed further supports fast and hassle-free machine set-up. A hydraulic screed crown adjustment enables operators to quickly and easily adjust the screed to match the desired road profile finish.

Safe and easy operation

Whether during set-up or operation, Volvo customers benefit from the well-designed and intuitive controls, which allow operators to achieve optimum results quickly and easily. The Volvo EPM3 is renowned for user-friendliness. The intuitive layout guides operators through individual working functions, with the jog-wheel used to quickly select and adjust settings. Background illumination ensures good visibility of the screen both day and night. Operators can also continue working whatever the time of day thanks to the six standard LED lights. 

The operator platform on the Volvo P7320 ABG paver offers unhampered visibility around the machine, auger channel and screed. The engine hood design offers superb visibility to the hopper, allowing the operator to check material supply and flow at a glance. 

Quiet and efficient engine

The P7320 ABG paver is powered by a CEV Stage IV-compliant Volvo engine and perfectly matched hydraulics that build on more than 75 years of paving experience and engineering innovation. Built by Volvo for Volvo, the premium engine delivers high torque at low RPM and, by matching engine output to the actual requirement, the adaptive ECO Mode and optimized RPM reduce fuel consumption and emissions, extend component life and reduce noise levels. The built-in sound insulation on the canopy further reduces noise for the benefit of the paving crew and local community alike. 

Even in extreme temperatures and altitudes, the cleverly designed engine compartment and hood provide ample space for continuous air circulation from the hydraulically powered adaptive cooling fan, which allows the engine and hydraulics to cool effectively. This feature also reduces noise, lowers fuel consumption, boosts component lifetime and optimizes the efficiency of the hydraulic system.

Faultless finish first time

Volvo customers can rely on the P7320 ABG for a consistently high quality paving surface. The automatic track tensioning system and narrow auger drive box deliver outstanding results, complemented further by the optional screed load/tensioning devices and long auger shafts. Thanks to the wide Volvo screed, operators can pave up to 9m with one paver in one pass. This boosts productivity and enables jobs to be completed quicker. 

Volvo Variomatic screeds have eight guide tubes – four for each extension – which contribute to a consistent, uniformly compacted smooth surface and have been designed with a dual heating bar arrangement to ensure even heat distribution across the entire screed. The three heating zones can be adjusted individually and the heating elements for the tamper bar are easy to replace. The low-profile screed design also makes it easy for operators to climb on the screed for a more comfortable experience and less fatigue. 

Maintenance made easy

When it comes to servicing the Volvo P7320 ABG paver, all features have been designed to support quick and easy routine maintenance. The result is a paver that stays out on the jobsite, performing at its best, for longer – maximizing uptime and reducing operating costs.

A wide opening on top of the platform provides easy access to the engine compartment with direct access to filters, while fluid drain hoses and an automatic greasing system are all accessible from ground level. 

To help customers stay on top of service requirements, the dedicated Service Interval Manager display on the EPM3 alerts the operator to required or scheduled maintenance, which is recorded on the system. Additionally, with the fuel theft prevention system, operators are alerted if fuel has been stolen, helping to avoid unwanted and costly downtime.

CareTrack telematics further support customers in making the most of their machines. The system provides valuable insight into machine location, usage, productivity, fuel consumption and more, which can be used to identify areas for improvement in reaching maximum uptime and optimum results. Volvo dealers are on hand every step of the way with a range of tested and approved Genuine Volvo Parts – all backed by Volvo warranty, as well as flexible maintenance and repair options and planned servicing to extend the life of the machine.

Overall, the combination of easy set-up, operation and maintenance, efficient powertrain and hydraulics, and high quality results first time makes the Volvo P7320 ABG paver an ideal choice for Indian customers looking to increase productivity and reduce operating costs on high-volume and multi-lane highway projects.