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Volvo introduces new single drum compactor built in India, for India

Volvo Construction Equipment harnesses the skills and knowledge gained from decades working with the Indian market to design its latest single drum compactor for the country’s industrial applications.

Volvo soil compactor SD110BA T3

The updated SD110BA single-drum compactor from Volvo Construction Equipment is designed with productivity in mind, combining powerful performance, quality compaction and versatility to adapt to earthwork compaction applications in India. Utilizing extensive knowledge of India’s paving and compaction industry, the next generation compactor is specifically manufactured to place and compact mixed soils, crushed aggregates and base materials beneath flexible pavements capable of accommodating heavy traffic volumes. And, boasting an impressive range of productivity-enhancing features, the Volvo SD110BA ensures profit in every pass.

Profit in every pass

The robust Volvo SD110BA provides equal measures of efficiency, versatility and stability to ensure superior compaction, shift after shift. Delivering an efficient, powerful performance, the 11.0 tonne class SD110BA combines dynamic drum forces and a heavy drum weight to produce the energy necessary to achieve material target density in fewer passes. With the highest centrifugal force in its class, the SD110BA delivers unmatched performance, ease of operation and outstanding output.

In addition to optimizing power and productivity, the Volvo SD110BA is designed to achieve high quality compaction and a flawless mat finish. Utilizing infinite frequency choices and dual amplitudes, the versatile machine gives operators the flexibility to modify the drum’s dynamic force according to material depth and type. With a flip of a switch, the operator can easily adjust the amplitude from the operator console to adapt to varying layer thickness, ensuring precise compaction.

The Volvo SD110BA not only increases output levels, it also enables operators to access hard-to-reach areas of the jobsite thanks to the fully integrated traction control system. Preventing wheel slip provides stability when operating on steep inclines and slippery surfaces. Meanwhile, the tapered drum frame allows the machine to operate on slopes up to 35 degrees and provides greater clearance when loading and unloading for transport.

Even in challenging environments, operators can count on the Volvo SD110BA to stand its ground. The well-balanced machine features a center joint with a +/-38 degree angle of articulation and +/-17 degree of oscillation, improving stability, maneuverability and safety. When combined, these features provide customers with a means of achieving a greater volume of work at a higher quality in less time.

Productive from the inside out

Packed with an abundance of amenities, it comes then as no surprise that the Volvo operator platform is considered by operators as a fitting choice for productive operations. Thanks to the winning combination of safety and comfort, operators rely on the Volvo SD110BA to tackle tough tasks with greater ease and confidence.

The new hood design, adjustable seat and relocated air filter provide unobstructed visibility of the jobsite, while the wider canopy and added footrest enhance convenient operability. Even in varying temperatures and altitudes, the compactor provides ample space for continuous airflow, enabling the operator to remain comfortable and fatigue-free. For added versatility, the heavy-duty canopy can be easily removed for transportation.

To maneuver across different terrain in India, the Volvo SD110BA features a propulsion control lever with integrated vibration activation for precise speed control and ease of operation. This, in addition to a wide range of features including easy-to-reach controls, ample toolbox storage and detachable sunshade, ensures confident compaction, regardless of terrain or jobsite conditions.

Harmonizing efficiency

To combat the extreme weather typical of the sub-continent, the SD110BA includes a cleverly designed engine compartment, equipped with a cooling fan, which draws reduced power from the engine, allowing the engine to keep cool in high ambient temperatures.

Built for power and productivity, the SD110BA also offers optimum fuel efficiency and emission compliance, making it the ideal choice for customers looking to limit both environmental impact and operating costs. The bs-III compliant engine and optimized hydraulics system work in harmony to provide a smooth, efficient and effective use of energy. To further increase fuel efficiency, the intelligently-designed vibration system offers quicker ramp-up speeds at lower pressure.

Total solutions

To increase uptime, these single-drum compactors are durable by design to ensure a long service life. Built on high quality components, the Volvo SD110BA is equipped with a strong center joint, wider front bumper and abrasion-resistant cold-rolled steel plate drum, which features semi-automatic special-purpose machine welded seams. All Genuine Volvo Parts are extensively tested and approved, allowing customers to benefit from maximum durability and long-lasting performance.

With the one-stop shop approach, Volvo’s aftersales services can support the complete machine with all spare parts. Volvo offers a comprehensive range of Customer Solutions to ensure its compactors achieve maximum uptime and generate profit and growth for their owners.

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