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Volvo launches new asphalt compactor in India to serve growing road-building industry

The new DD90B from Volvo Construction Equipment will be one of the highlights from the company at bC India 2016. The unit is designed with versatility in mind, offering unbeatable fuel efficiency and powerful performance across a range of applications in India.

New asphalt compactor DD90B

From roadways and large parking lots to airport runways, the versatile performance of the DD90B double drum asphalt compactor from Volvo CE provides flexibility to handle varying conditions, widths and flexible pavement compaction applications.

The Volvo DD90B is built in India and powered by an engine which adheres to the country’s Bharat Stage-III (CEV) emissions regulations. This compactor is engineered to deliver the compaction performance necessary to accommodate the heavy volumes of traffic that the sub-continent’s roads often carry. Using extensive knowledge and experience, Volvo CE built the new model to ensure that compaction rates and pavement final density are suitable for a variety of operational circumstances, delivering high quality output.

Powerfully efficient performance

Built for power and efficiency, the Volvo DD90B combines high centrifugal force, heavy drum weight and variable amplitude to produce the energy necessary for excellent compaction. With the choice of dual amplitudes and frequencies, the 9-ton double drum asphalt compactor delivers a smooth, finished mat in fewer passes for optimum productivity and profitability.

To prevent pavement surface flaws, the drums are precisely machined to full-width concentricity, while the drums’ profile reduces edge marks as well as the need for finish-rolling operations. The automatic vibration start and stop system, Smart Vibration, also prevents surface damage to ensure a flawless finish. Utilizing dual frequencies and dual amplitudes, performance can be matched to a wider variety of applications for increased productivity.

In addition to delivering a smooth, high quality mat in fewer passes, the heavy-duty DD90B is powered by a diesel engine that optimizes fuel consumption, while minimizing noise and emissions. The premium fuel-efficient Bharat Stage-III (CEV)-compliant engine delivers high torque at reduced speed without compromising power, ensuring superior performance and fuel efficiency.

The durable LDPE water tank has a high volume capacity, enabling long shift hours without the need to refuel, ensuring a powerfully efficient compaction with every pass.

Comfort control

The Volvo DD90B brings productivity and safety to the fore in optimizing operator comfort and control. From the operator platform positioned high over the sloping hood, the forward view and adjustable seat offers a commanding view of the jobsite, as well as a clear view of the drum edges and full width of the drum for maximum safety and rolling precision.

Visibility can be improved further by multiple adjustments to the operator seat. Meanwhile, the ergonomically-positioned controls and displays help the operator to keep an eye on the road at all times and avoid fatigue.

The open platform design ensures operator comfort, while the padded floor reduces vibrations and noise for a smooth and quiet ride. The positioning of the engine in the rear frame also helps to reduce noise at the operator’s ear. All these features combine to provide one of the most productive operator environments in the industry.

For all-round operational efficiency, the DD90B is designed to work in conjunction with Volvo CE’s ABG pavers and PT200 pneumatic compactor.