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Powerful and efficient EC250D from Volvo CE goes on show at major Indian exhibition

One of two D-Series excavators on show at bC India 2016, the EC250D from Volvo Construction Equipment is not only more powerful than its predecessor – it also has up to 10% greater fuel economy.

Powerful and efficient EC250D from Volvo CE

The EC250D from Volvo’s D-Series excavators has the strength and durability to take on a range of challenging worksite tasks. With faster cycle times, excellent digging and lifting capabilities, and a capacity for greater productivity, the unit has what it takes to get the job done in a low-stress, high-performance way — every time.

Increased power and digging force as well as faster cycle times offer operators the prospect of greater productivity. The excavator is equipped with a powerful six-cylinder diesel engine, rated at 138 kW (188 hp). Volvo’s unique integrated work mode system now includes G4 mode for optimum fuel efficiency and machine performance. Operators can choose from a selection of five work modes — idle, fine, general, heavy and power max mode — to suit the task at hand.

The ability to adapt to the worksite allows for more precise performance, but also promotes a more efficient use of fuel. Volvo’s unique ECO mode contributes to up to 5% of the machine’s total improved fuel efficiency – without any loss of performance in most operating conditions. The design features electronic pump control technology which reduces flow and pressure losses while maintaining digging power and maximizing swing torque. The optimized hydraulic piping further improves fuel efficiency. A new gauge bar on the I-ECU measures instantaneous fuel consumption while average fuel consumption is displayed numerically per hour. This allows operators to monitor fuel use on different job sites and applications.

Performance can be further matched to the task by an attachment management system, which stores up to 20 attachment presets. This allows hydraulic flow and pressure adjustments to be set to the needs of the tool being used, at the touch of a button.

Sensing squared

A new electro-hydraulic system and main control valve use intelligent technology to control on-demand flow and reduce internal losses in the hydraulic circuit. This provides increased controllability, shorter cycle times and improved fuel efficiency. Thanks to the smart hydraulic system’s greater controllability, both grading and combined operations have been improved. Operators benefit from smoother and easier movement when traveling and lifting simultaneously, as well as better grading quality from the harmonized boom and arm movement.

For greater productivity, the EC250D comes equipped with the latest generation cab, which offers excellent visibility and ideally-placed controls in a quieter, more spacious, and safer work environment. The new color LCD I-ECU monitor displays the machine’s status, showing details such as fuel consumption levels and upcoming maintenance tasks. It also controls the attachment management system. The cab has a climate control system with 14 vents, so operators can customize the temperature for better comfort.

Tough and Durable
Made from thick-gauge, high-strength tensile steel, the heavy-duty undercarriage is built to withstand the rigors of the job site. The sprocket and top rollers are made from forged steel and deep hardened for long-term durability. Bottom rollers feature extreme pressure (EP) oil, reducing the oil temperature and ensuring consistent viscosity, even under heavy loads. Durable three-stage planetary gearboxes and automatic two-speed track motors are used, while improved performance over difficult or steep terrain is enabled through increased tractive force.

A robust boom and arm is made from high-tensile steel and robotically welded for severe-use durability — it’s heavily reinforced to withstand working with materials like blasted rock. Wear strips welded to the arm give added protection, while the linkage yoke features a support bar for additional strength.

Maintenance on the EC250 has been made easier too. Accessed via wide opening compartment doors, grouped, ground-level filters and service points are simpler and safer to get to. Checks are done quicker, further improving uptime, while a service mode on the monitor in the cab allows technicians to easily perform diagnostic checks. (The monitor can also display the view from the rear-facing camera.) Large doors and the engine hood can be fully opened for convenient access to components. Centralized filters and greasing points allow regular checks to be completed quickly and easily. Anti-slip steel plates ensure safe maintenance access, even in wet weather.

Model specifications




Volvo D7

Max. power at 1 800 r/min, gross

138 kW (188 hp)

Max. lifting capacity along undercarriage (1.5 m/6.0 m)

*9 630 kgf (6.0 m boom / 2.97 m arm)

Max. digging reach

10.26 m (6.0 m boom / 2.97 m arm)

Max. digging depth

6.98 m (6.0 m boom / 2.97 m arm)

Max. Breakout force – bucket (Normal / Power boost) ISO6015

171 / 186 kN (6.0 m boom / 2.97 m arm)

Max. Tearout force – arm (Normal / Power boost) ISO6015

118 / 129 kN (6.0 m boom / 2.97 m arm)

Operating weight

23.5-29.3 t

Buckets sizes offered

1.21 & 1.45 m3