Construction Equipment India

When experience meets performance it makes a big difference

Till the other day, all you saw on the streets of Barmer were camel carts, worn-out autorickshaws and public transport, and the odd car. The dusty sleepy city, located on the edges of the Great Thar Desert in Western Rajasthan, lay buried in backwardness barely visible to the outside world. Then, one fine day, oil was discovered in the region and life in the city has never been the same since.

“Think the latest and most luxurious – cars, homes, gadgets...anything – and chances are you will find them in Barmer,” says Rajendra Singh Chouhan, Partner, M/s Tan Singh Chouhan – a leading Construction Company in the region. “Oil exploration and lignite mining have changed everything here...for the better.” A Class 1 Contractor, M/s Tan Singh Chouhan is an ISO-9001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 certified Firm and a multi-domain infrastructure powerhouse. “Our track record in customised EPC services is second to none in the business in these parts. Oil & gas, telecom, power transmission, roads, urban development, civil infrastructure... you name it, we have done it.”

Making a difference with performance

Assisting M/s Tan Singh Chouhan in daily operations is a fleet of Volvo Construction Equipment. It includes one each of EC 210B, EC 210D and EC 300DL excavators, a P5320B Paver and PT 220C Pneumatic Roller. They are on the job across various road and earthwork projects throughout the region. “The best thing about Volvo is it just won’t give up,” says Rajendra Singh Chouhan. “One of our excavators – the EC 210B model – has logged over 20,000 hours and is still going strong.”

According to him, no matter the terrain or working condition, Volvo equipments are the genuine champions when it comes to productivity, fuel efficiency and reliability. He believes every Volvo machine is designed to last longer and perform better. He sees a two-fold benefit in owning Volvo – better productivity and profitability for the owner; safe and easy handling for the operator. He feels the brand is truly different from the rest. “It’s like this. You have all kinds of construction equipments on one side. And on the other, you have Volvo,” he says.

Staying put with the experience

Spares and service support for the Volvo fleet at M/s Tan Singh Chouhan is managed by local Volvo CE dealer, BSES India. They maintain close and persistent engagement with the Company’s operations and technical teams ensuring quick resolution to any problem. Rajendra Singh Chouhan is deeply appreciative of their overall approach. “They are courteous yet very professional. And they come up with right solutions fast and in such a seamless manner – it is most commendable,” he says.

M/s Tan Singh Chouhan’s world-class but holistic business approach to infrastructure development remains a source of awe and inspiration across the region. Over the years, peers and associates have looked up to the Company for direction to grow and further their businesses. And their good word about Volvo has had a lasting impact, resulting in sustained enquiries and demand for Volvo equipment in the area.

M/s Tan Singh Chouhan plan to add new Volvo Pavers in the near future. As the Company forges ahead with an overfilled order book, it is clear that Volvo will be an integral part of the action for years to come. Rajendra Singh Chouhan sums it up with a smile. “Ours is a partnership that has stood the test of time – no matter how far we go, we will stay put with Volvo.”