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Volvo L90F wheel loaders drive efficiency at underground zinc mine

Boasting high uptime, low fuel consumption and extreme versatility, a fleet of 22 L90F wheel loaders from Volvo Construction Equipment has helped Rampura Agucha Mines in Rajasthan, India, excel in operational efficiency.

Hindustan Zinc Ltd., India’s largest and the world’s second-largest zinc miner, is using a fleet of 22 L90F wheel loaders from Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) to meet increasing demand for the material in domestic car production.

Annually, total zinc production for Hindustan Zinc is around 834,000 MT, much of which is destined for the galvanized steel sector for use in domestic car models. Investments in construction and urban infrastucture, such as the Smart Cities Mission and Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan (Clean India Mission), are also increasing demand for zinc.

Hindustan Zinc is made up of several companies including Rampura Agucha Mines, which operates a vast underground zinc mining complex with the latest in mining technology and innovation at a site located 230 km north of Udaipur in the Bhilwara district of Rajasthan.

Helping Rampura Agucha Mines keep up with the high demand is a fleet of L90F wheel loaders from Volvo CE, which are supplied and serviced by local Volvo dealer ESDEE Solutech. In 2014, Rampura Agucha Mines bought its first Volvo L90F and later added several units over the years – the latest in February 2020 – bringing its total to 22 wheel loaders.

A versatile all-rounder
The wheel loaders carry out a whole range of tasks for the company, from material handling to man cage operations. The TP-linkage and attachment bracket make it easy to switch between special attachments, such as forks and material handling arms.

“The Volvo L90F wheel loader is really a gem of a workhorse,” says Sufal Mehrotra, General Manager at Rampura Agucha Mines. “No task is too hard for it to handle!”

In addition to the versatility of the L90F, its sheer robustness helps Rampura Agucha Mines get more out of their machines. The model is designed for heavy-duty, rugged performance with little or no breakdowns.

“You can put this all-rounder to any task and be sure it will deliver – that's our experience,” adds his colleague Srihari Lal, General Manager – Mechanical.

High uptime
According to Lal, the fleet of Volvo L90F wheel loaders at the zinc mine achieves uptime in excess of 90%. One of the machines has even delivered 20,000 hours of output already with only minimal issues.

“That’s the thing with Volvo – all their machines are built to be robust and most reliable,” Lal says. “And low machine downtime is everything in our business.”

Rampura Agucha Mines also counts on the dependable service from ESDEE Solutech, which Lal describes as prompt and efficient at all times.

Outstanding fuel efficiency
When it comes to fuel efficiency, the Volvo L90F wheel loader is among the best on the market. The Volvo D6E LAE3 engine works in perfect harmony with the in-house manfactured drivetrain, hydraulics and TP-linkage for the ultimate in performance. The load-sensing hydraulic system, also contributes to the low fuel consumption by always delivering the right power to the right function, without pumping more oil than strictly necessary.

“The L90F is highly fuel efficient – combine this with its flexibility and versatility – and you have a winner by a long stretch,” Mehrotra says.

Safety first
Hindustan Zinc is dedicated to optimizing its business practices and approach without compromising the slightest bit on the safety of its people. Safety is especially important to Rampura Agucha Mines considering the nature of its operations. In critical man cage operations deep underground, the company needs machines it can rely on to keep its people safe.

“The L90F is streets ahead of the pack in this respect,” Mehrotra affirms.

The Care Cab on the L90F provides a safe and comfortable worplace with effective climate contol and the best filter system on the market. An adjustable steering wheel, seat, armrest and lever carrier help the operator stay comfortable and in control, while viscous damping helps to eliminate unwanted noise and vibrations. Large glazed areas and halogen work lights to the front and rear ensure good visibility at all times and a laminated front windshield helps protect the operator.

The perfect partnership
All in all, the success of the Volvo L90F wheel loaders at Rampura Agucha Mines and Hindustan Zinc boils down to the strong partnership between customer, dealer and manufacturer. Both Lal and Mehrortra are just as effusive about their company’s work ethos as they are about the performance of ESDEE Solutech and the Volvo L90F wheel loaders.

“We have given our all for this great company and the Volvo L90F has given its all for us!” Mehrortra concludes.