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Volvo CE fleet builds better future in Bellary

A fleet of Volvo Construction Equipment asphalt compactors, double drum compactors and a tracked sensor paver are improving the quality of roads and life in the city of Bellary, Karnataka,India.

There is a simple way to determine the development of a town, city or even a country. Take a good look at its roads.

“Tough, smooth roads generate more growth and vibrancy in the economy and definitely more smiles,” says P. Prabhakar Reddy, a public works contractor in the city of Bellary, Karnataka, India. “Better road qualities mean better quality of life and living — that’s the bottom line!”

Assisting the 30-year roadbuilding veteran on various projects is a fleet of Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) that includes two DD100 asphalt compactor, four DD90 double drum compactors and a P5320B ABG tracked sensor paver.

“Our beginnings were humble, but our abiding passion for road building has ensured steady growth over the years,” says Reddy, who is now the leading road building contractor in Karnataka.

The road to excellence

The fleet has helped Reddy on a string of prestigious projects including the 344 km NH-167 highway, which stretches from Hagaribommanahalli in Karnataka to Jadcherla in Telangana.

“It’s been a long and difficult journey but, at the end of the day, well worth it,” he says with a smile. “Real satisfaction in road building comes when you get that near-perfect mat finish across the entire project stretch. And that’s not easy to achieve, unless of course, you depend on Volvo CE.”

Currently, the Volvo P5320B ABG tracked sensor paver is working on a road that connects to the new terminal at the Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru.

“Building the road at the Kempegowda International Airport was another dream project — a big feather in our cap,” Reddy beams. “I am happy to report that the P5320B ABG Volvo tracked sensor paver is doing its job on time — as always!”

Reddy says the P5320B ABG tracked sensor paver stands alone in its class in terms of paving quality and hassle-free operations. He is also pleasantly surprised that, even with the sophisticated design to boost paving quality, productivity, fuel and efficiency, the paver is still easy to operate.

“Anyone can operate a Volvo machine with ease — that’s the thing,” he says.

Reddy says Volvo CE machine’s ease of operation is a definite advantage in his business where there is constant pressure on both margins and availability of skilled manpower.

“Every Volvo Equipment delivers outstanding performance,” Reddy says. “Particularly the Volvo P5320B ABG tracked sensored paver. We get the excellent finish we look for in every project — without fail!”

Paving the future

Reddy purchased his fleet of Volvo CE machines from Bengaluru-based Encore Heavy Machinery Pvt Ltd, Volvo CE’s distribution partner in the state of Karnataka. Reddy praises Encore Heavy Machinery for providing timely support over the years.

“Maintenance and service are no issues, thanks to them,” he says. “Encore Heavy Machinery helps us ensure maximum machine uptime.”

As for the future, Reddy has an ambitious roadmap that envisions new roads in new areas.

“Wherever we are, whatever we do, you can be sure Volvo CE will always be part of the action,” he says.