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Very well cut out for the quarry

Arhaura Town in Mirzapur District of Eastern Uttar Pradesh is famous for the pink stones of its mountain rocks. Geographically, they are known as Chunar Sandstones but of a harder variety and uniquely sensitive to moisture – so much so the stones shine pink on contact with water. “Stone quarries in these parts have an ancient connection,” says Sandeep Singh, Proprietor, Riya Enterprises. “Archaeologists have noted that Emperor Ashok procured stones from here to commission the Ashoka Pillars across his Kingdom over two thousand years ago.”

Based out of Arhaura, Riya Enterprises specializes in stone quarry and aggregate handling works. The Company supplies aggregates to customers in Uttar Pradesh and neighbouring Madhya Pradesh. Assisting Riya Enterprises in operations are a couple of Volvo EC 210D Excavators. They have been moving and managing large stone blocks at the Company’s quarry site for years now.

Creating magic in the quarry

“In fact, one Volvo has completed more than 20,000 hours and there are no signs of any wear and tear,” says Sandeep Singh. “But then that’s just what you expect from Volvo - matchless performance.” According to him, Volvo excavators are a perfect fit for the quarry because they execute the heavy hauling across uneven terrain and steep slopes with consummate ease. He attributes this to their superior technology, rare engine power and robust construction. “Assign any quarry challenge to a Volvo excavator and you can be sure it will rise to the occasion - with methodical precision and complete control over fuel consumption,” he says.

He is especially appreciative of the fuel efficiency because it is delivered without any compromise to productivity. That, he believes, gives his Company a clear edge – both on the top and bottom lines. “It means you not only earn more but also produce more,” he says. “Add fully protected, sophisticated A/c cabin for operating safety and comfort and you have a machine unlike any other.”

Looking ahead and beyond

Spares and maintenance support is provided by local VolvoCE dealer, Alpha Teknisk Pvt Ltd. Sandeep Singh finds their team technically proficient. “On a call’s notice they ensure our Volvos are up and running – and they do it all with a friendly smile. Now, that’s what I call Service!” he says.

While Riya Enterprises intends to build on its core strengths of stone handling and aggregates, it is also exploring opportunities in sustainable infrastructure projects in new geographies. The Company is looking to test the waters by adding a couple of Loaders and Compactors to its fleet. Sandeep Singh is clear about the choice of brand. “Of course, it will be Volvo. Once you experience the magic of Volvo performance, there’s no question of even looking at any other brand. No chance!” He signs off with a smile.

Riya Enterprises and Volvo – A fully-loaded partnership in performance and value