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Under the surface – a partnership strong as concrete

Road construction has come a long way since the use of horse-drawn rollers of the 1800s. Path-breaking improvements in technologies, especially over the last few decades, have ushered in machines that build roads better and faster than ever before. “The early roads were simple – mostly stone-paved paths, moderately flattened,” says Jagadeeshwar Reddy, Owner, Lakshmi Narsimha Metal Enterprises. “Modern roads are sturdy and smooth, but more complex. They are made of several layers – you need machines that deliver good, uniform compaction at all times.” Based in the State of Andhra Pradesh, Lakshmi Narsimha Metal Enterprises is a Road Builder focussed on construction of rural and district roads, primarily in Anantpur District. Assisting the Company in road building are two Volvo Compactors – a SD110B and DD90B. Day after day, they set out to deliver solid, hassle-free performance on site, on time.

SD110 working photo 1

The Chosen One for the road

“A flawless finish – it’s guaranteed with Volvo DD90B in action,” says Jagadeeshwar Reddy. “It gives us a lot of satisfaction every time because, at the end of the day after all the hard work we have put in, that kind of finish tells us - ‘Job well done!’” According to him, the Volvo DD90B is the best in its class, delivering better-than-expected compaction and flexibility in application. He believes this is one machine which, despite being packed with sophisticated productivity-enhancing features is also operator-friendly providing ample room, better view and easy-to-handle controls. “It effectively means you can get more work done with much less bother or stress,” he says.

But the best features of Volvo DD90B, according to Jagadeeshwar Reddy, are unmatched reliability and fuel efficiency – it assures profitability of business. “High uptimes and low operating costs are critical to our operations,” he says. “That’s what helps make money in our competitive business. And the Volvo DD90B delivers!”

DD90Bworking-photo 2

One good partnership at work

Besides rural and district roads, Lakshmi Narasimha Enterprises also undertakes select State and National Highway projects in the region. The Company relies on its DD90B to produce smooth, high quality mat finish with fewer passes. Aftermarket support is provided by local VolvoCE Dealer – Ramanand Power Systems Pvt Ltd. “They are always there, when we need them,” says Jagadeeshwar Reddy. “On the whole, it’s a dream package – outstanding performance backed by outstanding service. One really can’t hope for anything more.”

Lakshmi Narsimha Metal Enterprises is looking to expand operations in neighbouring states. A railway contract in Gauribidanur, Karnataka is a definite possibility. The Company is also eyeing several other road projects in Telangana and Tamil Nadu. Fifteen years in the business, Jagdeeshwar Reddy feels the action has only just begun. “The best is yet to come,” he says. “And Volvo will be an integral part of the action ahead – that’s a promise.”

Lakshmi Narasimha Enterprises and Volvo – Paving the road to excellence, together