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The road to excellence never ends

While India has the second largest road network in the world, over half of its National Highways are only two-lane wide and barely a fourth of them are four-lane wide. That is perhaps why demand for widening existing roads is often greater than the demand for new roads. “Road widening not only accommodates higher vehicle and pedestrian capacities but also improves traffic safety,” says Mahesh Ravindra Kamthe, Managing Director, R S Kamthe Infrastructure Developers Pvt Ltd. His uncle, Nandkumar Kamthe, a long-time Director in the Company, agrees, “The ongoing four-laning of Pune-Pandharpur Road, famously referred to as Palkhi Marg, is a classic case in point.”

The Pune-Pandharpur road widening project is a NHAI initiative and has been given, as a special gesture, National Highway status. Once completed, the stretch will have four lanes, ten bypasses and exclusive walkways on both sides of the Highway enabling smooth passage for pilgrims along the route. “The well-known pilgrimage town of Pandharpur attracts lakhs of devotees who, every year, participate in big processions on foot,” explains Nandkumar Kamthe. “Widening of existing road means releasing a new dedicated Palkhi Marg on either side. That will not only make it safer for devotees travelling by foot but also make it easier to manage surging crowds during processions.”

Based out of Pune in Maharashtra State, R S Kamthe Infrastructure Developers is a full-fledged Road Builder with decades of experience in business. The Company has played a major role in numerous National and State Highways executed across the State. “We have our own blue metal quarry and operate a full fleet of road construction machinery – in short, we are one-stop in road building,” says Mahesh Kamthe. Among the several projects the Company is currently handling is a 50-km stretch of the prestigious Pune-Pandharpur Road Widening Project.

Excellence endures and sustains

Assisting the Company in daily operations is a fleet of Volvo Construction Equipment. It includes eight EC210D, three EC240BLC and one EC360 excavators, five SD110 Soil Compactors, two DD110C Asphalt Compactors and a PTR220C Pneumatic Roller. “I recall our first purchase of Volvo Equipment more than 15 years ago,” says Nandkumar Kamthe. “It boosted our Company’s productivity and performance beyond expectations.”

Mahesh Kamthe believes a Volvo at work means twin benefits for the owner – higher productivity and lower operating costs. He reckons his Company easily extracts 20% more work with 5% less fuel per hour from each one of his Volvos compared to other machines. “When you do the math over many years, which is a given thanks to the advanced technology and unmatched reliability of Volvo, it adds up to excellent returns on investment,” he says.

Forever striving to do better, together

Spares and service support for the Volvo fleet is handled by local Volvo CE dealer, Team Engineers. Nandkumar Kamthe is all praise for their efforts. “They are always there when we need them most – they provide truly invaluable support,” he says.

R S Kamthe Infrastructure Developers is looking to spread its wings beyond the State of Maharashtra and expand its road building operations across India. The Company will seek to further sharpen its skills and efficiency in all aspects of road construction. It will add new Volvo machines in the near future to further reduce cost per ton of operations and speed up project completion times. Mahesh Kamthe sums it all up with a smile. “The road to excellence never ends here. We will forever improve, build on strengths to retain our customers and win new ones. With all the help from Volvo, of course!”

R S Kamthe Infrastructure Developers and Volvo – A partnership in a league of its own