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Success comes from finding the win win solution

Generating wealth from waste and a greener world - The Jharsuguda Story

Some call it the “Powerhouse of Odisha”. Some others refer to it as “Little India”. There’s something about Jharsuguda District that fascinates people from all walks of life. Mineral rich and among the most industrially developed districts in Odisha, Jharsuguda is a picture-perfect symbol of ‘unity in diversity’. “If you want a feel of the many, many languages and cultures of India, come to Jharsuguda,” says Tapas Panigrahi, Owner, Kalyani Transco. “There’s a good chance you will meet someone from practically every region of the country here – it’s the magic of the diaspora of Jharsuguda.” Apart from vast deposits of coal and other minerals, Jharsuguda is blessed with monuments of historical importance and scenic spots - attracting entrepreneurs, nature lovers and adventurers alike.

Several thermal power plants operate in Jharsuguda and they produce enormous quantities of fly ash – that by-product of coal burning. Kalyani Transco is engaged in disposal of fly ash at the Sterlite Vedanta Power Plant. “Fly ash may be waste material for thermal power plants but it is environment-friendly resource material for cement industry and building products manufacturing units,” says Tapas. “We are doing our bit – to ease the pain of fly ash management at source and promote a greener earth with swift, efficient disposal ensuring minimal degradation of land.”

Wealth comes from energy and good health

Assisting Kalyani Transco in operations are three EC200 Volvo Excavators and a SD100 Volvo Soil Compactor. “Handling huge volumes on daily basis without stress is the key to success in this business,” says Tapas. “I must admit, Volvos are real cool cats when it comes to handling volume.” According to him, Volvo equipments are designed to deliver high productivity and uptimes, particularly in challenging conditions. “In fact, our Volvo excavators have already crossed 5,000 working hours without a major failure,” he says. “I can tell you from experience, they have this ability to go on and on – sometimes 20 hours at a stretch – without any sweat.”

Fuel efficiency is another feature that comes in for appreciation. Tapas believes it is the defining ‘comfort factor’ of Volvo machines. “When you get consistently high outputs with significantly lower fuel consumption, it not only eases margin pressures but boosts both the top and bottom lines of business,” he says. “It’s something only a Volvo can deliver – a win-win solution!” The Volvo machines at Kalyani Transco are backed by spares and service support from local Volvo CE dealer, Pollutech Engineering. “They do all that it takes to keep our Volvos fit and fine – on time, any time,” says Tapas. “It is customer service of a higher order!”

Greener world comes from sustainable development

Sustainable fly ash utilisation is a major thrust area in all coal-fired power plants. Dedicated groups oversee several initiatives to ensure 100% fly ash utilisation starting with dry fly ash extraction through storage in separate silos to bulk transportation to end users engaged in the manufacture of construction materials. “Recycling fly ash to make bricks and concrete means entire infrastructure development – from flyovers and bridges to townships – becomes eco-friendly and sustainable,” says Tapas. “It’s a landmark move by the Ministry of Environment and we are proud to play a part in building a greener world.”

While Kalyani Transco is looking to build on its expertise in fly ash management and disposal, it is clear Volvo equipments will continue to play a key role in the Company’s operations. Tapas sums it up with a smile. “Success comes from finding the win-win solution. Like the work we do – generating wealth from waste and a greener world – and the way we do it – with Volvo.”

Kalyani Transco and Volvo – The future is green

Volvo excavators and soil compactor are hard at work for Kalyani Transco at the fly ash ponds of Sterlite Vedanta Thermal Power Plant in Jharsuguda