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Sky is the limit when the foundation is solid

As India’s first greenfield smart city, the GIFT City in Gujarat stands tall among Global Financial Centres as a flourishing free-market hub in the world’s fastest growing large economy. Sprawled across hundreds of acres on the banks of Sabarmati River between Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad, this nerve centre in new-age finance is a one-stop for world-renowned names in banking, insurance, leasing, bullion exchanges and fintech services. “India’s future is right here – a shining symbol of excellence, transparency and inclusivity,” says Baldevbhai Patel, Managing Partner, SiddhiVinayak Earthmovers. “Every infrastructure built here is world-class by nature and sustainable in character.”

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, SiddhiVinayak Earthmovers is a well-established name in foundation earthwork. The Company has, over the years, built a formidable reputation for delivering quality work in record time. “Meeting customer expectations is one thing, surpassing them quite another. Job after job, we strive to achieve the latter,” says Pareshbhai Patel, Partner. The Company’s operations are in and around the twin cities of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. Among several landmark projects the Company has handled includes the massive foundation earthwork in GIFT City.

Laying the foundation for lasting value

Assisting SiddhiVinayak Earthmovers in daily operations is a fleet of Volvo excavators – three EC 210B Prime and two EC 210D models. “For the first time, we deployed three Volvo machines for the job at GIFT City – such was the scale of work,” says Baldevbhai Patel. “And our Volvos stood up to the challenge – every inch of the way.” According to him, achieving astonishing 2500 cubic metre outputs over punishing 20-hour shifts is par for the course for a Volvo excavator. “In fact, we recently completed one lakh twenty five thousand cubic metre of excavation for a building project in Ahmedabad in just 25 days – all thanks to Volvo,” adds Pareshbhai Patel. He attributes the high uptimes and productivity with Volvo machines to best-in-class engine power and hydraulic systems, state-of-the-art design and robust construction.

Both Partners insist that operating with Volvo is significantly more cost-effective – both in the short term and over the long haul. “Your daily operating costs are low due to lower fuel consumption – without any hit to productivity, mind you,” says Baldevbhai Patel. “And negligible downtimes along with longer service life means you enjoy best of both worlds – better pricing against competition and more money in the bank,” says Pareshbhai Patel.

Scaling new heights of success

Spares and service support for the entire fleet is handled by local Volvo CE dealer, West India Equipments. The Partners are deeply appreciative of the dealer’s efforts. “The service team is just as good as the brand – it gets the job done to complete satisfaction in record time!”

SiddhiVinayak Earthmovers is scaling new highs in the foundation earthwork business, even as demand for new modern infrastructure grows exponentially in Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad. The Company is looking to add Volvo excavators of larger size to its fleet in the near future to meet surging demand and further reduce cost per ton of operation. So pleased are the Partners with Volvo’s overall performance, they are actively recommending the brand to peers and associates in the area. “I think we must have easily influenced at least fifteen new purchases of Volvo machines – directly and indirectly,” says Pareshbhai Patel. The Managing Partner has the last word, though. “That is what happens when you become a Volvo customer. You eventually become their brand ambassador!”

SiddhiVinayak Earthmovers and Volvo – A partnership built on solid foundation