Construction Equipment India

Rising beyond challenges, above expectations

When we think of construction or any heavy equipment industry, the dominant figure that comes to mind is a man. And yet, the need for women in these historically male-dominated industries has never been greater. “Women bring diversity of ideas and fresh skill sets to the table,” says Jayashree Satyaprakash Mallapur, Proprietor, Vidyaranya Stone Crushers. “And that’s precious in a business so full of daily challenges.” Based out of Gokak in Belgaum District of Karnataka State, Vidyaranya Stone Crushers is an established business engaged in production of coarse aggregates for road construction and building works. Stone is quarried, crushed and ground in a wide variety of sizes for contractors executing government and other civil contracts.

Jayashree took on the mantle of leadership of her Company in difficult circumstances. “A sudden, most tragic event in my family a decade ago compelled me to take charge of business,” she says. “I had to start from scratch with no practical experience. Initially, it was a huge challenge especially for me as a woman striving to succeed in a male-dominated industry.” Slowly but surely, Jayashree grew from strength to strength over the years to emerge an entrepreneur of repute in the area. “The 3Ps – Planning, Preparation and Patience – have helped me solve problems just in time,” she says modestly. “Plus, now I have my son’s wholehearted support and that is working wonders for business!”

Empowered to perform and transform

Among the heavy equipments employed by Vidyaranya Stone Crushers in daily operations is a Volvo EC210D Excavator with hydraulic breaker and coupler attachments. The machine is hard at work at the quarry - breaking massive stone rocks, extracting and hauling them over for processing into aggregates. “I find the Volvo Excavator complements my philosophy and approach towards my business – deliver more value at lower cost,” says Jayashree. “It is both empowering and satisfying.”

According to her, the Volvo Excavator is a big asset because it consistently achieves high outputs consuming lesser fuel. She believes the machine is designed to be more reliable, productive, efficient and cost effective – all of which combine to deliver a positive effect on her competitive business. She is appreciative of the support provided by local Volvo CE dealer, Encore Heavy Machinery Private Limited. “Their tireless efforts only add to the overall value,” she says.

No limit to what can be accomplished

From ground zero, Jayashree has nurtured Vidyaranya Stone Crushers into a professional, financially-sound Company, efficient by nature and progressive in character. The Company is looking to further boost and streamline production capacities in the near future. There are also plans to diversify activities to grow the business faster and stronger.

But there’s more to Jayashree Satyaprakash Mallapur than just a rare successful woman entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry. She is also an active social worker engaged in the education and upliftment of economically backward sections of society, particularly women and adoloscents. And she is equally passionate about nature resource management, especially soil and water conservation. “It is said men tend to follow a flame; women follow the pattern,” she says. “As a woman entrepreneur, I want to empower economically-backward women in my area to accomplish their dreams and make them financially self-reliant through Income Generation Programme. A happier world will make me the happiest person!” She signs off with a smile.

Vidyaranya Stone Crushers and Volvo – Empowered to Accomplish 

The Volvo EC 210D Excavator at work at the quarry of Jayashree Mallapur’s Vidyaranya Stone Crushers in Gokak in North Karnataka