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Proving their might in mining granite

Karimnagar District in Telangana is renowned worldwide for its reserves of Tan Brown Granite, also known as Indian Brown Granite. One of the most durable and elegant forms of the stone, Tan Brown Granite is sought after by architects, builders and homeowners for creating designer kitchen countertops, worktops, wall floors, bathroom vanities and more. “Demand for this granite is strong across continents,” says Rajesh Penchala, Managing Partner, Sanvika Exports. “It is however most pronounced in China, which is our major export market.”

The Volvo EC 380DL Excavator in action at the granite quarry of Sanvika Exports in Bavupeta in Karimnagar District of Telangana State

Based out of Karimnagar, Sanvika Exports has been exporting granite for many years. The Company’s granite quarry is located in Bavupeta, 60 kms away from Karimnagar. Assisting the Company in quarrying operations is a Volvo EC 380DL excavator. “When it comes to exports, getting big orders is easy,” says Rajesh Penchala. “The tough part is executing them on time. That’s when you realize the value of a Volvo.”

The right choice for granite

According to him, the Volvo EC 380DL Excavator is a genuine workhorse with greater digging force and shorter cycle times. He believes the machine has no match when it comes to productivity, reliability and fuel efficiency. “Think about it – we get 20% more productivity with 15% less fuel consumption for hours on end – day in, day out. Can any other similar machine deliver that kind of performance!” he says.

He is deeply impressed by the engine power, improved hydraulics, undercarriage system and cabin comforts of the EC 380DL. He considers them best-in-class and believes they all combine to make excellent business sense for his Company. “At the end of the day, business profitability matters as much as productivity. So let’s get this clear – credit for our Company’s success to large extent goes to our Volvo,” he says.

Growing the business value

Spares and maintenance support for the Volvo EC 380DL excavator is provided by local Volvo CE dealer, Ramanand Power Systems Ltd. Rajesh Penchala is appreciative of their professional and yet personalized service. “The way they go about their job, it only adds to the Volvo brand value. With them around, it’s ‘double the happiness’ for us – with product and service!”

The order books are overflowing at Sanvika Exports and the Volvo EC 380DL Excavator is doing its best at the granite quarry to honour customer contracts on time. Sanvika Exports is looking to expand beyond China and cater to growing needs in new markets across Asia and Europe. That will mean building production capacities with fresh investments in quarry machinery. Rajesh Penchala is clear on the choice of brand as he signs off with a smile. “Of course, more markets mean more orders means more pressure to deliver faster. But to grow our business value there is only one way to go – Volvo.” 

Sanvika Exports and Volvo – A partnership just right for granite