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Leaving a mark on the sands of time

If asked to list down the minerals and materials mined on earth, the one we would probably miss is the most mined. Sand is the single most mined commodity in the world, surpassing every other metal or mineral. Over 80% of all mining is for sand, gravel or other aggregate materials. Sand is also the most consumed substance after water; it finds use in virtually every construction or manufacturing process. “Those tiny grains we don’t think too much of are as precious as any other mined material,” says Ankit Gupta, Director, Maa Rakt Dantika Contractors and Suppliers Private Limited. “Mother earth is covered in sand – from the deserts to beaches, rivers, lakes...even landscapes.”

Based out of Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh, Maa Rakt Dantika Contractors and Suppliers have been sand mining for several years now. The Company’s operations are primarily in Jalaun and Kanpur Dehat districts in Uttar Pradesh and parts of neighbouring Madhya Pradesh. “Jalaun district is nearly encircled by three rivers – Yamuna, Betwa and Pahuj,” says Ankit Gupta. “Sand here is available in abundance and the texture is medium to coarse grain – ideal for many applications.” Assisting the Company in sand mining is a fleet of eight Volvo EC200D and EC240 BLC Excavators. It is gruelling work – mining in undulating plains and a network of ravines stretching miles - but the Volvos are going about their task with ruthless efficiency.

So durable there’s no compare
“There are many reasons why we rely on Volvo machines but if you ask me to name one it is – they simply don’t quit,” says Ankit Gupta. “Some of our Volvos have been working for 12,000 hours over 15 years and still in top condition.” According to him, Volvo machines have no match when it comes to durability and reliability. He believes these are significant attributes in mining where returns on investment take time and there is always pressure on margins. “The longer any machine lasts in this business, the better the financials,” he says. He singles out the EC200D crawler excavator for its fast cycle times, advanced technology and overall performance. “Simply put, it’s a machine cut out for sand mining.”

Ankit Gupta also believes the fuel efficiency demonstrated by Volvo machines in general is exceptional. “When you are able to do more consuming less fuel, it effectively means you end up saving a lot of time and money,” he says. “The impact of Volvo machines on our business is we save at least 1-2 hours daily – that’s huge value!” He is appreciative of the support provided by local Volvo CE dealer, Alpha Technical Services Pvt Ltd. “They put in the best efforts to ensure optimal machine uptimes. We remain their top priority – and that makes us feel good and happy!”

Here to leave a mark
Maa Rakt Dantika has come a long way since inception nearly three decades ago. The Company has carved a niche for itself in sand mining by winning several long-term, regular contracts over the years. Vast experience and expertise acquired over so many projects have enabled the Company to improve overall efficiencies a good notch above the rest. “Our customers have come to trust us to deliver the best possible value for money, for years,” says Ankit Gupta.

Maa Rakt Dantika is looking to further strengthen its sand mining operations. Plans include expanding existing infrastructure and acquiring new mining equipment. “For sure, it will be Volvo,” says Ankit Gupta. “You see, just as we do all we can to leave a mark on the sands of time – we want to associate with those that do.” He signs off.

When it comes to sand mining, Maa Rakt Dantika Contractors and Suppliers look no further than Volvo excavators