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How to be doubly happy at the quarry

For decades, Kota Stone has been a preferred stone for flooring of both interiors and exteriors across residential and commercial premises. Seen as natural, durable and affordable, this popular sandstone is used liberally, especially in government offices and institutions. “And Rajasthan is the State to beat when it comes to these most sought after stones,” says Surat Ram Gurjar, Proprietor, Shree Hans Suppliers. “Our State accounts for 90% of the country’s production.”

Based out of Jhalawar in the south-eastern part of the State, Shree Hans Suppliers is an established producer and supplier of Kota Stone. The Company’s operates two stone quarries and caters to customers within Rajasthan and neighbouring States. Assisting in daily operations are two Volvo excavators – EC 210B and EC 210D models. “No matter how big or how many the orders, trust a Volvo to deliver right on schedule,” says Surat Ram Gurjar. “The machine productivity is simply astonishing.”

Making the most of everyday operations

According to him, it is superior engine power, hydraulics, undercarriage system and cabin controls that set Volvo excavators apart. He believes they combine seamlessly to ensure unmatched productivity, reliability and fuel efficiency. “You can actually get far more work done with the same fuel consumption compared to other machines of similar class. Take our word... we have experienced the difference in productivity and profitability - day in, day out - for years,” he says.

The EC 210B model has logged in nearly 12,000 hours while the EC 210D has recorded over 6,000 hours without a single major breakdown. Both machines have taken daily grinding work of the quarry in their stride demonstrating greater digging force and shorter cycle times at every turn with commanding ease. “Consistently faster, better and smoother... these are hallmarks of every Volvo machine,” says Surat Ram Gurjar.

Perfect partners to grow the business

Spares and maintenance support for the Volvo machines of Shree Hans Suppliers is provided by local Volvo CE dealer, ESSDEE Solutech. They have been associated with the Company from day one of operations. Surat Ram Gurjar finds their overall service most professional yet very personalized. “That human touch they add to a thorough job... it makes all the difference,” he says. “They add to the extra special Volvo experience. It only makes us doubly happy – with both product and service!”

These are good times at Shree Hans Suppliers. With construction activity in full swing, demand for Kota Stone is stronger than ever. The Volvo excavators are working overtime at the quarries to fulfill orders on time. The Company is looking to buy another EC 210D excavator in the near future to meet surging demand for the popular Stone. That Surat Ram Gurjar is a happy, contented man is clearly evident on his face as he signs off with a smile. “Sure, it feels really good to run a successful business. No prizes for guessing who’s behind our success - Volvo!” 

Shree Hans Suppliers and Volvo – A partnership etched in stone