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Doing more with less without any fuss

Rewa in north-western Madhya Pradesh has innumerable enchanting stories to tell. Foremost among them is the breathtaking natural beauty and splendour of the place. Then, there are Buddhist Stupas belonging to the Mauryan Era. There is the 35ft reclining Bhairav Baba statue sculpted out of a single rock. But the most enchanting story perhaps, is of Mohan – the founding father of the world-famous white tigers of Rewa. “Mohan was the last white tiger born in the wild and the Ancestor of every White Bengal Tiger in existence today,” says Abhay Mishra, Managing Director, Udit Infraworld Pvt Ltd. “He was laid to rest with Hindu rites over fifty years ago. But he will be remembered forever as a legend in these parts.”

Based out of Rewa, Udit Infraworld Pvt Ltd is an established Road Builder in Madhya Pradesh with a string of road projects – both national and state highways – to its credit. Over the years, the Company has earned the reputation and trust of several customers across the State for predictable quality and efficiency in road building. Assisting the Company in day-to-day operations is a fleet of fourteen Volvo road construction machines. It is a complete range – one EC300DL, two EC 210 and three EC 200D excavators, two each of SD110 Soil Compactors and DD90 Asphalt Compactors, two G9190 Motor Graders and a P5320B Paver. “We have the finest road building equipments going about their work with precision, poise and elegance,” says Abhay Mishra. “It really is poetry in motion.” 

Playing a vital role in road building
Udit Infraworld Pvt Ltd made its first purchase of Volvo equipment over a decade ago. There has been no looking back ever since. “It was only after we bought our first Volvo equipment that we were able to boost our productivity and performance,” explains Abhay Mishra. “Now you know why we keep returning to Volvo again and again.” According to him, a typical Volvo machine ensures not only high productivity but lower operating costs too. He believes each of his Volvos easily do 25% more work consuming 5% less fuel, compared to other machines. “Money saved is money earned. And more work done means more projects won! It’s that simple,” he says.

He is especially appreciative of Volvo excavators’ robust undercarriage system and intelligent work modes that help deliver fast cycle times and optimize fuel consumption. He is also appreciative of the longer life, reliability and negligible downtimes that, he believes, are standard features of all Volvo equipments. “That’s our brand Volvo - doing more for less without any fuss. Simply matchless,” he says.

Partners on the road to success
Maintenance of Udit Infraworld’s Volvo fleet is handled by local Volvo CE dealer, Navin Infrasolutions Pvt Ltd. Their team of technical experts provides effective aftermarket support with ready spares backed up by prompt service to ensure optimum machine uptimes. “Just one call and they depute their service engineer to site in no time,” says Abhay Mishra. “Quick response, instant service, proactive support – they are invaluable.”

Udit Infraworld is looking to add bigger size Volvo machines to its fleet in the near future. The idea is to further reduce cost per ton of operation and speed up project turnaround times. The Company is also drawing up plans to grow and expand operations to new territories. Abhay Mishra is upbeat on the times ahead. “The outlook for road building in India is brighter than ever. Rewa has never been short of legendary stories. We will do our best to add our Company’s name on the coveted list – of course, with all the help from Volvo!” He signs off with a smile.

Volvo Equipments are the one-stop solution in road building for Rewa-based Udit Infraworld Pvt Ltd.