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A glimpse of Shirur Dolomite Mines using Volvo’s Telematic System. We are absolutely satisfied with Volvo CE’s performance and ability to deliver and are delighted with the machine’s fuel efficiency - Santosh S Melligere, Partner | Shirur Dolomite Mines (SDM)

Strengthened legacy

Proving it’s mettle in the world it operates in, Shirur Dolomite Mines (SDM), has been in the business of mining for over 16 years. Operating its own mechanised dolomite - which is a double carbonate of Magnesium and Calcium - in Shirur Village, the company has contributed immensely to two major industries of the country; one being the steel industry where Dolomite is used as a flux and the other in the glass industry.

Fulfilling the raw material needs required by the steel and glass industry through its expertise, SDM has time and again, excelled with its offerings and services across two major industries and in two states - Karnataka and it’s immediate neighbour Tamilnadu.

Facing challenges

Being in a business where rock-solid challenges are part of the daily life, SDM, on an average day, unearths 700 tonnes per day. More so, the unearthing begins only after the rock is exploded using dynamite and then crushed into different sizes and shapes. Making it easy for those around to begin the next process. 

The Volvo CE connect

Shirur Dolomite Mines uses the Volvo 210B Prime, which the company believes has been performing to the hilt for the last three and a half years. Yes, the time since it was brought to the mine. Talking about the machine and its performance, Mr. Santosh S Melligere, Partner says “We are absolutely satisfied with Volvo CE’s performance and ability to deliver and are delighted with the machine’s fuel efficiency”

Caretrack. Everything’s on track.

Shirur Dolomite Mines credits its success to Volvo CE and Caretrack. Caretrack is the telematics system offered by Volvo CE. A system that gives an extensive insight into the machine by monitoring information; which eventually saves time and money. And that’s the beginning as this systems also helps in reducing fuel costs, optimising machinery and operator performance and proactively manage service and maintenance. All of which result in efficiency and higher profits. So how does the system achieve these results? Well, it’s pretty simple.

Caretrack works in such a way that you get utilisation reports, can refer to things in every 10 to 15 days, get regular service alarms from the machine and get warning signals of an impending problem which means you solve a problem even before it arises. All of this with some excellent support for the dealer. 

Point to Remember.

While Caretrack, in a nutshell, helps in equipment efficiency and better results, it also helps the business in some very specific ways. Here are some: It helps save money and save time. It also offers infinite opportunities with its functionalities and the right features for your business. The system generates a wide range of reports via a web portal, as well as sending SMS / E-mail alerts What’s more, you get tracking and status benefits, anti-theft advantage, communications systems and API, to name a few. Now, that’s what we call packing a punch.

Volvo CE dealer

Encore from Karnataka has been the dealer for Shirur Dolomite Mines. And going by the word of SDM, Encore has time and again offered the best of services and support resulting in better efficiency for the company and happy faces from either side.

Concluding thoughts

Volvo CE and Caretrack put together to form a potent combination that can help reach great heights in their business. In this case, great depths!